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We are sharing with you Success story of  Mr. Jannapureddy Krishna in his words.So here the Story starts 
Good morning everyone,
My journey for aspiring to be a govt servant started In the year 2010/January. I have started my
Preparation for Bank jobs (I am not aware of SSC  jobs at that time). Interestingly I haven’t taken any Coaching for bank exams. I used to buy good books online and prepare on my own. In that year (2010).I have approx given 14 bank exams & got the interview call from 10

Nationalised banks like KVB,SBH,SBI Are among those.I was selected in SBH as a PO(Probationary Officer),Worked in SBH for abt 6 months then resigned it as  I was selected in SBI as a PO, Worked in SBI for 03 years then resigned it in Dec/2013.

Q)Why did I resign SBI??  That too after serving for 3 yrs after being selected as a PO?? (Quite interesting,Is nt it??)
Ans->The bank job is Very Hectic(“In fact Hectic is a small word to quote here”). There is absolutely Zero Personal  life. Ur place of postings won’t be  good most of the times. Huge work pressure, tensions, no holidays,no leaves,no peace at all.I have worked from 08:30Am-08:30Pm for at least 4 days in a week. In banks you will be made responsible for which even GOD can’t take the responsibility.For example ( I worked as an accountant),If u r an accountant u will be made responsible for Bank ambience,staff behavior,Customer complaints,Vouchers missing,Cash shortage or excess,Leave record maintenecae,cash remittances,paying miscellaneous bills on time,Yearly 4 audits we need to face,Its just a nightmare for many.ATM’s maintenance.Cheques clearance etc etc., The list can’t be over in a few lines. After all these troubles what you get is a peanut salary. There are only 2 advantages of being a bank employee.1)Job security 2)loans at concessional rate of interest.
THIS IS WHERE I HAVE DECIDED TO SHIFT FROM BANKING SECTOR TO SSC(TURNING POINT IN MY LIFE). To get any job through SSC what you need is more of patience than Talent.SSC will test your patience till its last limit.I prepared for nearly 2 years for SSC CGL.I gave CGL-2013 Tier-1 in April/2013.I have got a good score to boost up my confidence. I gave Tier-2 also with confidence and got a very good score according to key.This is where the BAD TIME started for CGL-2013 aspirants. The COURT CASE  deteriorated the confidence of many candidates.The Case was stretched like anything.After a few more months the court gave us the shock saying that the exam should be cancelled and reconducted again.We all went to MENTAL TRAUMA at that time. Because, The mistake was not on our part (Genuine Candidates ). I have consoled myself and started preparing for Re-exam CGL-2013 Tier-1 again.Got a good score of 129.5/200.Got a score of 290.5/400 in Tier-2,which comes to a total of 420/600 Which is just the cutoff marks needed for an UR candidate.Some of the experts said that IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO GET AN INTERVIEW POST with these marks(Because my marks r just equal to the cut off marks).I was disappointed a little bit.I gave my best in the interview and got 71/100 marks,which is considered to be one of the best scores in an interview.The total came to 420+71=491/700. I was selected as DIVISIONAL ACCOUNTANT through CGL-2013. After the result I have called to the people who said it was impossible to get an INTERVIEW POST(IP) and told them that I was selected for IP,They
smiled and said “MIRACLES DO HAPPEN SOME TIMES”.I gave CGL-2014 also and got 141 in Tier-1 and getting 324/400 in Tier-2.The total is 465/600 and hoping to get my dream job(ITI) this time. In my journey I have been guided and helped  by some of my friends. A friend in need is a friend in deed Suited me in my journey.
My search for an overall knowledge of SSC jobs and exam formats,guidance all came to an end when I have gone through www.sscnaukari.in.  This is an absolute gift for everybody who aspires to get a job through SSC.
Thanking you all,
J.Krishna Reddy

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