Divisional Accountant Job Profile

Divisional Accountant Job Profile

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We are sharing with you Job Profile of Divisional Accountant.Hope You like our efforts.

1.Pay band and Salary   9300-34800 grade pay 4200

   Entry as                      Divisional Accountant  grade pay 4200
First promotion              Divisional account officer II  grade pay 4600
Second promotion         Divisional account officer I   grade pay 4800 (gazetted)
Final promotion             Sr. Divisional account officer  grade pay 5400 (gazetted) 
3. Work profile:-
You will be appointed in state public works department(road & building) and irrigation department offices located in different cities. You will work under Executive Engineer. His office is called Division. In every division only and only one divisional accountant/DAO/sSenior DAO will be appointed. You are financial adviser to him. You will help staff in preparing monthly accounts. All the files and documents related to financial matters  will pass through your table.  You are an internal checker. If any irregularity is occurring its your duty to point out it.
      Work nature is not hectic. It’s a routine work. Your staff will do all the work. You just have to help them if they find any problem. It doesn’t mean its very simple job. You should have knowledge of all the rules. Clerks will ask your opinions regarding all financial files. At that time you should be ready with an answer.
      Initially you are appointed as probationary divisional accountant. Probation period 2 years. Within 2 years you have pass departmental exams otherwise you will be demoted to senior accountant in Accountant General office.
        Before passing the departmental exam you don’t have any responsibility. You have to learn all functions and duties under the guidance of any senior dao/dao for one year. This is your training.after one year you can appear in departmental exam . if you pass then you will be given independent charge of any division otherwise you will sent back to your division for training.
5. Who is your boss:-
In daily routine Executive Engineer is your boss but your transfer posting all other things will be handled by Accountant General office. In Division all the staff will be state govt employee except you. Most of the time Executive engineer and other staff is very cooperative to you.

6. Why should I join it:-.

a.They have have direct engagements with contractors.Divisional Accountant works in Public works departments offices (PWDs) which is a state govt office.Though his payroll comes from State
govt, he is always a central govt employee. PWDs need not necessarily be in cities, so you might get posted to any district in a state. Regarding the work, he basically acts as an auditor for all expenses and receipts that go through the PWD, meaning he has to sign off each and every voucher.
Since he is Central govt representative in state dept he enjoys great power and respect in the office and works independently, doesn’t need to report to anyone but himself. 
b. want to live a relaxed life
c. you have enough time for family
d. best job for further studies of competitive exams
e. no problem regarding holidays. U can get easily.
f. very relaxed job. No work pressure.
6. Some drawbacks:-

a. responsibilities of divisional accountant and Senior DAO are same. Powers of Senior DAO and Divisional Accountant are same. Only difference is that you are adviser only. You are not complete authority is posted in smaller division which have yearly budget very less and Senior DAO will be posted in heavy division.
b.I heard that this job in non Transferable.Once you join as Divisional Accountant in a state, there is no chance of moving outside the state 
c. promotion aspects are not so good in comparison to ITI/Asst in Ministry/Custom.
d. Social status is not so good in comparison to ITI/Central excise insp/Asst in ministry/Custom. Though you are Senior divisional account officer still you will be called “Accountant Sahab” in your office.
e.Many people don’t know about this post. So you have spend a lot of time to tell them abt ur job and at last it may happen that they call you accountant.
f.I heard that you need to give Confirmation or Department Examination for language Proficiency in State where you will posted but Not Sure about this.Suppose you are posted in Gujrat so you to pass one Exam for Gujrati language but I m again saying that I m not sure about this.
Disclaimer: We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken, based on this information. 

Here is a conversation with DA —

it is the one post with which you will be called officer you will use green pen to sign….in my point of view ….the one most relaxing job…no pressure…..you will be a signing authority…..no other post of cgl has this…..also you will work in field..where there will be nobody to act as your boss………your controlling authority will be in respective AG office of the states………so a 100 percent pressure free job…….after three to four years you will have a good communication. i will not elaborate…..bhai chutti itni milengi ki tum bore ho jayoge……bakaya sari jagah agar 2 din bi office nahi gaye tau phone pe phone…maine income tax main raha hoon…sala 2 din na jayo tau……chuttii milti nahi hai…bahut pressure hai…


Divisional accountant…ko at least one year training ke bad charge diya jata hai…..tab tak uski training hoti hai…for example main abi kisi division main at least six months posted hoon..salary draw kar raha hoon…….pichle three months se main koi kam nahi kiya….bus hafte main 3 din 2 ghante ke liye jata hoon……..main income tax main TA tha aur DA main jo rest milta hai..at least one and a quarter year usko dekhte hue maine opt kiya tha…..I worked very hard in income tax and fell sick…if you are DA you are like a king no body ask you anything……just sign……..kabi bhi jayo aur aayo…chaho tau kevel 2 hours ke liye jayo……..aisa kisi bi naukri mai nahi hai………koi aapko pressurise nahi kar sakta .

the job nature of DA relates to Public Works Accounts only…it is a limited field of commerce………in hierarchy DA reaches to Senior Divisional accounts officer….and you will be surprised to know that he does the same job as the DA’s do. DAs are known as (Prakhand lekha Adhikari and is equivalent to the post of SDO in the division that is sub divisional officer.

You can pass Regional Language Exam in 6 attempts and this is very easy 

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