All about Tax Assistant in CBEC

Tax Assistant in CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Customs) is a post in the pay band 5200-20200 with grade pay of RS 2,400.
Salary of Tax Assistant in Central Board of Excise and Customs after 113% DA and all deductions in X,Y,Z city is Rs 25223,22528,21537
Duties performed by TA CBEC
Work of TA CBEC- TA CBEC is ministerial post means in most cases you have to do establishment work like maintenance of salary,Pension work,Settlement of Medical Claim,Transfer/Posting of Officers and as a Cashier.In some cases if you are posted in Range you need to do work related to Central Excise,Service Tax and Customs.Promotion and Departmental Exams
In TA CBEC promotion depends on region where you are allocated.for example in UP and some other northern states promotion are  slow.It will take 4-5 years from TA to STA and 3-4 years more from STA to Inspector and from Inspector to Superintendent 12-14 years.The main reason for slow promotion is less vacancy and more number of Officers.There are two main the reasons for less vacancy and more number of Officers.First is due to easy Departmental Examination Structure.In Central Excise Departmental you need to pass examination  with books so it is very easy whereas in case of CBDT you need to pass examination  without books so many people not able to pass departmental examination in CBDT. Second reason is many people opted UP or Northern states due to home state so there is always crunch of vacancy in North region.
But in Metro Cities and in Southern Regions promotion are fast you will be TA to STA in 3 years and STA to Inspector in 2 years means total 5 years from TA To Inspector.
After Cadre Restructuring in Chennai and Kolkata region TA becomes STA in 2-2.5 years in in-situ basis mean you will promoted to STA and Inspector before 3  and 5 years due to huge vacancy.If you are posted in Customs,after promotion you can promoted as Examiner too in 5 years.You will retire as Assistant Commissioner sure if you are posted in regions where promotion are fast. 

transfer to home state depends on your applying ground and vacancy and.If u r released properly and vacancy available and specially on spouse ground u can be transferred fast. You have to  lose seniority in ICT(Inter Commissionerate Transfer)
Future Opportunities
If u develop knowledge in Excise u can become a consultant after resigning from here. If u r a good consultant u can earn several lakhs per month in this field
Disclaimer: All above information are based on experience given by auditors. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken, based on this information.