Tax Assistant in CBDT

Tax Assistant in CBDT

Tax Assistant in CBDT (Central Board of Direct Tax )is a post in the pay band 5200-20200 with grade pay of RS 2,400.

Duties performed by TA CBDT

Tax Assistant in CBDT can be posted at two levels – either in assessment of tax or in non-assessment.
When he/she is posted in assessment he/she is supposed to do the work related to assessment of the income tax of an individual or a partnership firm or a company or as the case maybe; and he/she is to feed that data in the computer. He/she could also be asked to do any clerical work like work related to diary and dispatch, noting, drafting etc. He/she could also be asked to accompany the RAID team.
When he is posted at a seat that belongs to non-assessment he is supposed to do only clerical work. He also gets a SIM from the department on which all STD or LOCAL calls on any phone of BSNL or MTNL are totally free. On phones of other companies he can make free calls upto 400 minutes a month; whether local or STD or both types. This SIM is provided to every TA in CBDT irrespective of type of the seat he is posted at.

Promotion and Departmental Exams
TA to Senior TA in 3-4 years,STA to ITI 3-5 years,you have to clear Departmental Exam for becoming ITO(Income Tax Officer). once you clear exams, you become eligible to be considered for ITO.Time taken to get promoted to ITO differs from state to state… In states like Kerla, ITIs have become ito within 4 years.In other states,it may take 5 to 7 years But generally it takes 6-8 years to become an ITO from ITI.After becoming ITO, it is a long wait of around 10-12 years to become ACIT(Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax) and then around 4 years to DC(Deputy Commissioner) then 4 years to JC(Joint Commissioner) and around 5 years to Addl. CIT(Additional Commissioner of Income Tax)..Promotion depend on vacancy available on that region and you have to pass departmental examination at different level of promotion for example TA to STA,STA to ITI,ITI to ITO and your rank in CGL. Clearing the departmental exam is not always an issue. They are just like university exams. Not too tough to go through it all yet you need to put your attempts and give time to study

There are two type of transfers available in the dept.
1. Annual General Transfer
2. Inter Charge Transfer
Transfer is possible but it’s not too certain or easy thing to happen. There are number of points which must be in ur favour simultaneously like 
1.There must be vacancies in the zone you want to get transferred into.
2.You must have a valid grounds for applying for ICT cited in CBDT circular or else 3 years of service. 
3.Administration of both the zones must be cooperative nd liberal. Etc.

Quarter facility:
if the quarters are available, u will get it easily… may be within a week of joining… but if there is a long queue, u may have to wait for 1 to 2 years, subject to the availability

Office timings
Office timings are 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. It may differ slightly zone to zone. Generally don’t have to work beyond the office hours.In March in Assessment section you may have to work beyond the hours but it’s beneficial for your learning

Before becoming ITI:
You dont have any power.You have to work like a clerk or Data entry have to process return and enter data. 
After becoming ITI:
When an ITI is posted in Investigation, he has to go for field work extensively.. he also has to go to outside his city and state to collect information… his job is similar to that of an IB Agent… He can’t revel his identity, yet he has to collect information… If he gets caught by the assessee during the process, u can imagine what will happen to him… so its dangerous in nature… on his report, the search is planned(In general term, Search process is known as RAID).. Also, you have to work long hours… so family life suffers…. Haan, there is one positive here.. There is no crunch of funds…. how much amount you needed, it will be given to you for rekkii process….. If you are posted in Central Cirlce, work load is enormous…. also, there is always a shortage of Staff, so you will be posted not under 1 but two or sometimes three officers…. matlab, you will do work of 2 or 3 Inspectors and get paid for 1 Inspector…. When you are posted in other sections, you will be nominated for accompanying a SEARCH party… for that you will have to report at 6 AM in the morning to your office… Once there, there is no time for coming back. You may have to spend next 24 to 48 hours at a place where you may not have even basic facility. So here also, family life suffers.

Future Opportunities
If u develop knowledge in Income Tax u can become a consultant after resigning from here. If u r a good consultant u can earn several lakhs per month in this field.

Disclaimer: All above information are based on experience given by auditors. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken, based on this information.

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