CGA Auditor

CGA Auditor

Pay band – This is a post in the pay band 5,200-20,200 With grade pay of RS 2,800.


Controller General of Accounts(CGA) is the principal Accounts Adviser to the Government of India and is responsible for establishing and maintaining a technically sound management accounting system. He prepares a critical analysis of expenditures, revenues, borrowings and the deficit for the Finance Minister every month.He also prepares annual Appropriation Accounts (Civil) and Union Finance Accounts for presentation to the Parliament. Generally Govt Accounts can be segregated into- Civil, Railway , Telecom, Postal & Defence. CGA is responsible to overlook the Civil Accounts of the Govt, which constitutres the major volume

Job Profile of CGA Auditor
The work nature of Accountants are mainly clerical in nature, with intensive use of computer and specific software packages. Accountants posted under CGA are mainly posted in Pay and Accounts Offices and Divisional Offices under various ministries. These offices again have some sub ordinate offices under them, whose payment authorities’ vest upon these PAO and CPAO offices.
4. So the Accountants need to do the following jobs related to its subordinate offices (DDOs) 
BILL PASSING- (Including salary, all kind of allowances, Office Expenses, Contingent Bill etc.)
SOLVING PENSION AND GPF CASES- (Includes New Pension cases, Revision of Pension, Granting Family Pension, Gratuity, Leave Encashment, Group Insurance, Entire GPF Account maintenance of the staffs)
RECEIPTS & PAYMENTS- (As agent of the government of India, the CGA through CCAs and their PAOs is responsible for proper accounting of revenue and compiling the expenditures incurred in civil ministries) 
ACCOUNTING- (CGA is the apex accounting body in the Government of India. The accounts of the Civil Ministries are compiled and maintained by the Pay and Accounts Offices, the basic accounting units) 
INTERNAL AUDIT ( Internal audit is conducted through the Internal Audit Wings in the Principal Accounts Offices of various Ministries/Departments).

Promotion and Departmental Exams:

ENTRY- ACCOUNTANT (GROUP C, G.P Rs 2800/-), 1st promotion- SENIOR ACCOUNTANT (GROUP B, NON- GAZETTED, G.P RS 4200/-. After 3 years of continuous service). 2nd PROMOTION- ASSISTANT ACCOUNTS OFFICER (GROUP B, GAZETTED, G.P RS 4800/-. After qualifying AAO (Civil) Exam, consisting of 9 descriptive papers). 3rd Promotion- PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTS OFFICER (GROUP B, GAZETTED, G.P RS 5400/-, Time bound promotion, as per vacancy. Around 15 years after becoming AAO). 4th Promotion- SENIOR ACCOUNTS OFFICER- (GROUP A, G.P 5400, PB3, Time bound promotion, as per vacancy), > ASSISTANT CONTROLLER OF ACCOUNTS UNDER INDIAN AUDIT AND ACCOUNTS SERVICE.
Disclaimer: All above information are based on experience given by auditors. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken, based on this information.
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