Insurance Administrative Officer – Job Profile, Salary, Allowances, Promotions

Job Profile of Administrative Officer in insurance sector.

1) What kind of work does one actually do as an AO – Generalists and Specialists ?
The nature of work will comprise of routine administrative duties like overseeing issuance of insurance policies (which will be marketed by Insurance Agents and Development Officers), settling insurance claims etc. Administrative officers handle policy making, policy claims up to certain limit, checking clauses and details, filing official returns and statements to higher regional offices etc.
The Development AAOs deal with marketing and procurement of business, meeting prospective clients, promoting the policies and getting contracts.
The Accounts AAOs manage the funds including incomes and expenses of the corporation. Sometimes an engineering specialist can be assigned as Risk Engineer post but its very rare.

Work Pressure

2) How is the work pressure ? Do you have to stay late in the office ?
Work pressure is not there in most of the offices but there are some offices with exception. Work will be substantial if you are posted in a branch office which is doing good business. The work pressure is less if you are allotted to a divisional office/ regional office or head office. There will be no individual targets, but your office is given targets. No issues even if you don’t achieve your targets. Life’s easy here. But you don’t want to miss out on performance linked incentive, do you?
There is no compulsion of staying late in the office. Sometime your boss may ask you to stay.

Office Timings 

3) What are the office timings for an Administrative officer in Insurance Companies and what about the Nature of Work , work Culture ?
Office Timings –  09:30 A.M to 05:30 PM. 5 Days a Week. Saturday-Sunday Off.
The nature of work and quality of life, all depends on boss and city you will live in. My advice is this job is meant for those who want security, comfort and easy life. Workload will be less then banks. Politics will be less. Work is trifle bit interesting. Don’t hesitate to take it up, If you manage to clear it. However money won’t be as good as private sector but facilities are decent.

Salary & other Allowances of Insurance AO

4) What is the Salary and allowances of an Administrative officer in NIACL ?
Gross salary is around 37k. In hand 32k approx. After wage revision may rise to 37k in hand which is pending from 1/8/2012. See below Image for Details about Monthly Salary of NIACL Administrative Officer.

Postings and Location

5) Are officers posted in Remote Locations ?
Postings are all over India. Specialists are generally posted in Cities and Lady officers get a choice of Posting.

6) How often does transfer occur ?
Transfers usually occur after 3 years. Surat, Ahmedabad, Baroda and Guwahati are deficit zones in terms of manpower If you get posted there then you may have to spend more years.


7) What type of Accommodation are provided to Administrative Officers ?
There are three types of accommodation
  • Bachelor: 2 BHK, 4 sharing with all the necessary amenities. 300 will be deducted from your
    salary. E-bill you have to pay.
  • Flats: There are company flats which are given to married or who has family. Most of the
    time you won’t get company flats because they will be occupied by the seniors.
  • Lease: Lease basically means you rent a flat for yourself and company will pay a fixed amount to the
    owner. Amount is based on the category of the city. As of now in Bangalore they pay 13000 towards rent.


8) How many years does it take an AO to get first promotion ? What is the hike in salary ?
Normal Promotion is based on Seniority and takes 5+ years. Otherwise, there is a minimum period of 3 years after which you can apply for fast track promotions by clearing some insurance exams.
After 5 years , there is a hike of 15% with Regular yearly Increments.


9) How many leaves can be availed in a year ?
During your probation i.e. for 1 year you are entitled to take only casual leaves which is credited to your leave balance after every 1 month. After probation you can avail EL (earned leave), CL (casual leave), SL (sick leave) EL is credited one day after every 11 days i.e. Earned leave equals to 1 for each 11 day of service. SL 30 days per year, whenever you want.
PS : Although this post is about NIACL, yet Job Profile, Salary & other Allowances are more or less similar for NICL, UIICL and other Insurance Companies Administrative Officers .

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