How to prepare for CGL TIER II ENGLISH (Grammar SECTION)

Dear Friends,
In this section we will guide you again how to prepare for grammar Section as it contains 87-90 question out of 200.In this section you can you can attempt with 100% accuracy.

Introduction-‘Error’ questions may be mainly of the following 2 types:
Type 1: Spotting the error:
Type 2: Improvement of Sentences:
Type 3:Direct-Indirect Speech + Active-Passive voice

Resources to master ‘Error’ Questions:
Primary Source: read any one of the following books:
1)  “Common Errors in English” by Kiran publications 
2)Lucent English
3)S.P.Bankshi English from Arihant Publication
4)“A Mirror of Common Errors” by Dr Ashok Kumar Singh(Anglo English)
5)Plinth to paramount
6)MB Publication SSC English for 105 previous paper of SSC

you can also study Wren and Martin’s High School Grammar by S. Chand publishers.

Note: The choice of sources is a subjective one – it varies from individual to individual. What may be best for one may be useless for the other. Our intention is to provide a range of choices. Final decision rests in hand of candidate alone.

The main problem in Error correction is students read the rules but these rules do not strike on their minds at Exam.They are not able to recall rules which apply to the question.For this u need to do following steps
1.Read Concept of any topic for example adjective
2.Solve questions of that Topic 
3.if u have time solve question from different books too for that topic and make notes if u find any new rule
4.when all topics are covered then try to solve questions that covers error of different topics in a single sentence so that u can try to find and search error in the given sentence. step is try to solve previous years questions from any book for example “MB Publication SSC English “

 All the best.

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