SBI Associate PO – Interview Experience – Mayur

Date of Interview – 18th Feb 2015
Panel I
Document formalities done by 10am.

GD Begins. Introduction given by the panel members and topic – 
“Women make better bosses than men”
First round began and I put my point for gender equality with emphasis on how women are on par with men so its not a contest but a scenario where each person has potentials and we have to give best.
Second round people were busy cutting each other in debates. By the time I could speak up, the panel concluded that they are taking off and if we wish we continue the discussion. I missed the chance in round 2
Interview begins by 10.35 – 10.40 . I am the first person in the list
M1: So Mr. Mayur , you are from bijapur and your father works in military engineering services. So have you stayed in bijapur all along?
Me: Sir I was born in Bijapur but never got to stay there due to transfers of my father. I stayed in Pune, Satara, Ratnagiri, Andaman Nicobar, Goa and Belgaum since past 6 years
M1: Good to know that
M1: In what did you do your engineering?
Me: E&TC engineering
M2: What is difference between electrical and electronics and how do you perceive it?
Me: Sir, I think electronics are more of functional units where there is hardware and software in combination mostly whereas electrical may not necessarily be a device. Like the telephone connections can be called as electrical and most of the consumer devices we have are electronics
M2: Are you sure about it?
Me: Sir that is how I perceive it
M1: Tell me about the spectrums which is in news
Me: Sir, the government is called for bidding for spectrum allocations and this has been in news since past 3 years due to the 2G scam and now the TRAI has called for new allocations and the highest bidder gets the spectrum allocations
M1: Was it only 2G?
Me: No sir, 3G too.
M1: what was the 2G scam?
Me: Sir, the allocations were done in a preferential manner which was not legitimate and the supreme court quashed the orders as some of the politicians were alleged to have nexus with the bidders
M1: You worked in hp and left , why so?
Me: Sir I was more motivated to serve for the country and therefore i wish to join government sector where I can play major role
M1: So does it means that private sectors dont contribute to nation?
Me: Sir they definitely play a role in contribution to economy but I believe the role is limited and in government sector we can play a much wider role
M1: What role do you think you can do as a banker
Me: Sir I can provide loans for the social sector appreciation as well as economy .For instance, providing loans to sanitary missions, education,agriculture. Priority sector lending is already in place where we can boost the Agricultural sector, Manufacturing sector by giving loans to MSMEs .We can help people stand on their feet. This is a win-win situation for the banks, the social sector, the economy and the nation as a whole.
M2: You did E&Tc engineering. Tell me some other names of 5 colleges which provide course.
Me: Sir, IITS
M2: Like?
Me: IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIt kolata
M1: There is no IIT in kolkata
Me: I’m sorry sir I’m got confused with IIMS. IIT Kanpur and in kerala I think IIT cochin or Kozhikode
Lady: No its IIM
Me: I’m really sorry I’m getting confused between the IITS and IIMS
M1: Its ok no problem, you can relax
Me: Apart from them ,in my university we have K.J somaiyya, VJTI
M3: Is your mother tongue kannada?
Me: Yes sir
M3: Did you ever stay in bijapur?
Me: Sir I used to go in only summer vacations during school time and i still go on occassions, we have many relatives there
M3: Bijapur is famous in world for something , what is it?
Me: Sir, It is Gol Gumbaz
M3: Who built it?
Me: Sir it was built by an architect called yakut and it was for Mohd. Adil Shah
M3: When was it built?
Me: Sir it was 1656
M3: Are you sure?
Me: Sure sir
Lady : Ok Mayur as you said you wish to work for a nation, what will do prefer as your posting, rural or urban given the fact that you have lived in a metro and worked for company like Hp. How will you cope up with discomfort
Me: Ma’am I would love to work in rural places because I am attached with villages and farms from my childhood. It wont be a discomfort, infact i will enjoy it
Lady: What if there is no electricity or water?
Me: Ma’am as far as i think, no place will have problem where the banks are located and if still there is problem, i will make enough arrangements alternatively to suffice for daily life.
M1: What are your strengths which will help the bank and what are your weaknesses
Me: Sir, apart from my skills, what I can give to the bank is my honesty and integrity and the weakness could be that i would not deflect from these ideals in any case.
M1: Well, that is your strength, what is the weakness
Me: Sir, as far as i think, my weakness is that i sometimes give chance to people to speak first and then I speak later. And usually I don’t like to indulge in conflicts arising in it.
M4: Do you like current affairs?
Me: Yes sir
M4: There is some event happening in bangalore today and lasts for 4 days. What is it?
Me: sir it is aero show 
M4: how many countries are participating? How many companies?
Me: Sorry sir i dont know the details
M4: Ok
M3: Tell me names of 2 magazines in india
Me: Sir the ones I read are Pratiyogita darpan and Frontline
Panel: Alright, thank you Mayur
Me: Wished everybody thanks and they wished me Good luck
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