Assistant in AFHQ

Assistant in  AFHQ

We are sharing one more CGL post Description Article shared by a SSC Aspirant.Hope you will like this article
1.Hi Folks, I am back with my 6th and final post(after ITI, EXEC Inspector, CSS,Auditor) on series of articles on Posts offered by SSC-CGL. Fact is I could not find substantial concrete information regarding other posts, so there is no point in writing incorrect and incomplete articles. So, we go for Assistants (AFHQ)2.The information is based on inputs from my friend Avi posted as a Section Officer in AFHQ civil service(Direct recruit through UPSC). Friends before we delve further about this post, just know that it is a highly unique post but is often ignored due to lack of information and awareness.
3.The Armed Forces Headquarters(AFHQ) Civil Service was constituted in 1968 to provide continuity in the functioning of the Integrated Headquarters of the Ministry of Defence (Army, Navy and Air), Defence Staff Headquarters and the Inter Service Organizations under the Ministry of Defence.
4. It is a civilian post and not subjected to technical and combat operations.
5.Direct recruitment in AFHQ Civil service takes place at two levels i.e. Section Officer (by UPSC through Civil Services Examination) and Assistant (by SSC through CGL)
6.Comes under the pay band (9300-34800) Grade pay 4600. Gross salary (without any deductions) at existing DA(107 %) , comes around 47000( Same as Assistants with grade pay 4600).
7. But there is a very basic difference b/w ASSISTANTS and INSPECTORS post. Inspectors(ITI, Customs, Preventive Officer, Examiner) are all EXECUTIVE posts, while Assistants (CSS, Railways, External Affairs, others) are all NON-EXECUTIVE posts
8. POSTING IS IN NEW DELHI, most of the time(99% of the time) but rarely a person may be deputed to other regional Headquarters. Corruption free job.
(a) Assistant(Non-Gazetted) -> PB-2 (9300-34800 Grade Pay 4600)……… (b) Section Officer (Gazetted group B) -> (i)PB2(9300-34800 Grade pay 4800)(on initial appointment)/PB3 (15600-39100 Grade Pay 5400)(on completion of 4 years of service as SO)………
(c)Deputy Director (Group A )-> PB3(15600-39100 Grade Pay 6600) ………
(d)Joint Director (Group A)-> PB3 (15600-39100 Grade Pay 7600)…………..
(e)Director-> PB4(37400-67400 Grade pay 8700 ………………..
(f)Principal Director-> PB4(37400-67400 Grade pay 10000). ………..
Assistants manage to reach till the level of Joint Director easily while very few reach the level of Director.
10. CAREER PROSPECTS: (a) Section Officers of the AFHQ Civil Service willbe eligible for promotion to the grade of Deputy Directors on completion of 06 years approved service in the grade.
(b) Deputy Directors of the AFHQ Civil Service will be eligible for appointment to the Joint Director grade and to other administrative posts on completion of 05 years of approved service in the grade. (c) Joint Directors of the AFHQ Civil Service will be eligible for appointment to the Director grade and to other administrative posts on completion of 05 years of approved service in the grade.
(d) AFHQ Civil Service has 04 posts of Principal Director (Group `A’, PB-4, Rs. 37400-67000, Grade Pay Rs. 10,000) above the level of Director. These four posts are filled by promotions from amongst Directors with three years approved service.
12. Direct recruitment to the post of Section Officer in AFHQ is done through Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC. 50 % of total vacancies for Section Officer are filled through UPSC and rest 50% through promotion from Assistant. An assistant reaches to the level of Section Officer very quickly, where duration taken is comparable to that of CSS.
12. As an employee under Ministry of Defense, one has access to canteens of Armed forces where one can purchase items at highly subsidized rate. Access to Armed forces canteens, without having to participate in war like situations, is definitely an added advantage.
13. Additional perks and benefits are accrued to people working in AFHQ including residential quarters when one reaches the level of Section Officer. Overall. it is better than Assistant in External Affairs, Railways, etc. on many counts (but not in every aspect) because Railways and External Affairs have their own specific benefits
14. Job burden is less so one has plenty of time to spare for higher preparations. TOTALLY CORRUPTION FREE job.
15. PECULIARITY1:Ministry of Defence has abolished the system LDCE examination for promotion of Assistant to Section Officer since 2011. So, promotion is entirely on the basis of Seniority once u become eligible for a particular post. This is a rare thing u observe in governmental departments. That means no tension for promotion, kyunki promotion will be based on “JAB JAB JO JO HONA HAI, TAB TAB WO WO HOTA HAI” wali philosophy. Overall, it is a good post but preference for it will vary from person to person. Generally, and Assistant is eligible for promotion after 6 years of service, but actual promotion will depend upon the number of vacancies
16. PECULIARITY2: Offices under AFHQ Civil Service are equipped with biometric attendance system. This means that u will have to spend specific duration of time within the offices(late aana aur jaldi jana nahi chalega……hahahaha). At present,digitisation has not taken in other ministries like Railways, etc. so there Assistants enjoy flexibility of time in arriving and leaving the offices. But this luxury wont be available in Assistant(AFHQ)
17. DUTIES : General duties such as management, distribution and coordination of
work including supervision of staff, Analysis and Independent disposal of cases,Initiating notes and proposals in relevant cases, Keeping track of ongoing cases and subsequent follow up, Submission of periodic Reports & returns including collation of data to senior officials.
18. FINAL CONVICTION: Generally, the work profile of all Assistant posts is more or less the same. However, the above post is a bit peculiar since it’s a part of AFHQ civil service. Personally, I feel it is one of the best jobs among Desk jobs.
19. ADIEU: Friends, we have lost crucial 2 years of our promising lives due to the tardy and delayed response of this examination. But after having reached the interview level, I feel that we choose the posts which are most appropriate for us so that we don’t have to appear for this examination again. My attempt through the series of articles was that most of u make informed choices so that the u don’t land in a post whose work profile does not fit ur approach and post allocation is optimized. I wish Gudluck to all of u in all ur future endeavors

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