Some tips for Interviews

Some ways to avoid being an ‘over-smart’….(most of these won’t look being an over smart in our eyes…but it is not so for the intrvw panel).
1.Be polite and give respect when u say some names…for eg. u r asked abt bharat ratna…and in b/w u say d name of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi… instead of saying just Bhimsen Joshi,add Pandit to it…also,if u r sure abt a person holding doctorate or medicine graduate,then only add Dr. to his/her name.
2.Try to reply in the same language as the questions were asked to u… unavoidable situations,u can reply in another language..but do ask permission to use the language of ur convenience..
3.Don’t make unnecessary noise while walking…
4.Don’t try to give answers like an attempt to crack joke and create a pleasant environment….they will laugh but in papers,it will be against u..
5.There are no hard and fast rules for dressing….like a person wearing so & so color costumes only will get selected….what matters is formal dress in light color….don’t mention abt it unless asked…like a man wearing a yellow shirt and saying tht yellow is his lucky color without being asked.

6.Don’t over read and tell in deep…for eg.when NPA is asked…be to the point…and don’t jump to SARFAESI Act all on a sudden…if they want to knw more they will ask.
7.Also,if u dn’t like chocolate,then no issues….but if they r offering it,take one….
8.If u r having fever or cold,have the kerchief in ur hand itself….they r all humans and they knw it….
9.Don’t boost urself.
10.Don’t be over diplomatic…

11.Aapki knowledge check ho gayi h exam me.. kripya stress na len 
12.Ab sirf aapka attitude , aapki thinking , aapka response check hota h  They dont care about correct answers.
13.I dont mean ekdum chhod do padhai , but dont lose hope just because aap 3-4 questions ka answer nahi de paaye  Ho sakta h jisne sabhi correct answer diye but uski body language sahi nahi thi , use aapse kam marks milen.
14.Vo sirf yahi chahte h agar nahi aata h to accept karo.. pareshan mat ho, and to the point answer karo.  oversmart logo ko nahi lena chahte 
Note – These inputs are provided by my professor at manipal school of banking.
Hope this tips helps……All the best…

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