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We are sharing with you some additional aspects of Excise Inspector by Shweta Malhotra with us,Hope you will like it

Generally, the first three choices in SSC-CGL revolve around ITI, Examiner and Sub-Inspector CBI, depending on individual discretion. So,normally(not always) inspector CBEC comes at 4th number in the preference list. For me too , it comes at the 4th place. But there is a very basic difference b/w ASSISTANTS and INSPECTORS post. Inspectors
(ITI, Customs, Preventive Officer, Examiner, Sub- Inspector CBI) are all EXECUTIVE posts, while Assistants (CSS, Railways, External Affairs, others)  are all NON-EXECUTIVE posts.Hence, even though ASSISTANT posts are above Upper Division Clerk in stature, but in is seen as a CLERICAL type job. That means general JUNTA(your relatives,neighbours,friends,Girl friend. etc) can say, “Are clerk hi na hai aapka ladka” “Are clerk hi wala job hain na tumhara” . That means BEJATTI. While post of Inspector CBEC (or any other inspector) is an EXECUTIVE one, and hence always better than an Assistant post in stature and commands respect and social status.

Inspector CBEC->Supretendent(Group B gazetted)-> Assistant Commissioner(Group A, IRS)-> Deputy Commissioner. 
You’ve to pass departmental exam to get promotion but it is for “screening”, otherwise promotion is actually given based on your zonal seniority.Promotional aspects are LIMITED and SLOW.Normally, a person joining as Inspector CBEC manages to reach the post of Assistant Commissioner . Promotions to the level of Deputy
COmmsioner is highly rare in CBEC.Thus, promotional avenues are less than ITI, as one manages on an average a total of 2 promotions in life time. Whereas in case on ITI and Examiner one manages 4-6 promotions. But when one reaches the level of Assistant Commissioner, a batch is allotted by UPSC, and one becomes and IRS (CBEC) officer.But need not worry because even among desk jobs only CSS has higher number of promotions than Inspector CBEC. Rest all Assistants (External Affairs, Railways, etc) manage on an average 2 promotions. Example-Assistant (External Affairs)->Section Officer-> Under Secretary. So, given that, inspector CBEC remains better than most of the Assistant posts in many aspects  
Work Profile
Though only Excise and Service Tax come under Excise but when there is no post of Examiner or Preventive Officer, generally it’s the Excise Inspector who handles their duties. You have certain number of factory units or business entities under you.(from mrunal).Your job is to scrutinize records to verify that the correct amount of the tax has been paid (according to production of particular goods) and have some control over the production, money making capacity of community industrialist,business men, etc. your area of working is defined.Even in the Customs Intelligence Agency like DRI, the most of the personnel belong to Central Excise. Thus, the Central Excise category
officers have multi-skilled expertise. 
MYTH1 : Heavy work load hota hai, and hence u cannot prepare for civil services or other higher examinations in Excise. –
FACT1: The above argument is incorrect.Always know that amongst the INSPECTORS post the work load is minimum in Central Excise and ITI. Plus, a large number of labour reforms have been initiated to give a boost to MAKE IN INDIA campaign. Modi government has emphasized on digitization which means further reduction of work load in the coming future for inspectors. Besides that, as an Excise Inspector, half of the time u r posted on non-assessment (clerical) job where u have ample time to spare for. Secondly, even when posted as a part of raiding party, tax raids are not that frequent. Thus again u have time to study. Plus the work load is less compared to an ITI. 
MYTH2: U cannot survive in the system if u r honest and a person of impeccable character. 
–FACT2: The above line is a total nonsense. When u are posted as an Excise Inspector, its completely at your own discretion on how u wish to work. Yaad rahe, jab tak aapki marji na ho, no one can force anything upon u. All u have to be is vigilant, and u can work in the WAY u feel like.
MYTH3: Once I get home posting, I will remain there for all the time. 
FACT3 : Now, in case of an Excise Inspector is actually correct to a greater extent. The promotions are faster in ITI and so are zonal transfers. While in case of Excise, the promotions are slow and so are the transfers are also slower. So, if u prefer to stay for longer duration in ur home ZONE (not state), u can go for Excise. But when u reach the level of Assistant Commissioner, ur liability will be to serve anywhere in India.
Scope of EARNING(if u know what I mean ) : Its huge. For example, consider a high end restaurant and it comes under your jurisdiction for service tax collection. Ahem….. Ahem….I think if u know the best n “cheapest” place to have dinner with ur gf. Secondly, many a times Excise officials perform customs duty. Here, consider a futuristic hypothetical example. Iphone 8 is to be launched in India on 1st October 2015. But before that the consignment of IPhone 8 that has been imported must get clearance from customs…. Ahem , Ahem…….So, as an Excise Inspector posted on customs duty, I think u know who will get the iphone8 first and at cheapest price …before it is launched in India.
FINAL CONVICTION: Now, I cannot give it an all go post but if I don’t get ITI, Examiner or CBI, I will love to go with Inspector CBEC.There is a term in hindi called BHOKAAL (aura). So, yes there is a “bhokaal” associated with the post of Excise Inspector .U develop strong social networks with industries and factory units. But for the general aspirant, I will say that u should consider the following points: 

Will I get time for UPSC preparation??
yes, u will and u can manage.
Does the job has very high level of work pressure??
When u r posted for Excise tax collection , the work load is least among all the inspectors post. But when u r posted at customs duty, there will be substantial responsibility to be undertaken. However, most of the time u will be endowed with tax collection, so overall work load is less . Work tension is less while it is highest in Examiner and Preventive Officer 
Will there be frequent raids?
No, raids will not be that frequent. If u want too much adventure, then choose AEO or CBI.  
Is there scope to EARN(if u know what I mean ): 
yes there is ample scope for that
How are the promotional Aspects ?
Poor. I feel that it is the only negative point associated with this post because promotions are slow. Fastest promotions are in Examiner and ITI.One more think that after GST power of excise inspector and promotions are faster and dont worry cuz even Assistants(External Affairs, Railways) mostly offer two promotions
So, choosing preference for this post should be based on above factors, overall in my opinion it’s a very good post and its preference should be high if not the highest. 

Disclaimer: All above information are based on experience given by readers. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken, based on this information.

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