IBPS PO 2014 Interview Experience Part 18

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of IBPS PO Interview Hope you like it.

IBPS PO/MT IV Interview Experience
Venue: Can’t disclose sorry Date: 24-01-2015 Time: 8:30AM  Panel 2 Category- UR
Document verification was completed by 10:30AM
Documents submitted: Interview call letter, Application form print out, DOB proof( class 10 pass certificate), Graduation marksheets, Graduation certificate, Proof of Identity (same as submitted during written exam)
I was waiting for my turn, very nervous and tensed. But I tried to calm myself down. The bell rang and I went in. 

The panelists were all busy talking among themselves and there was one lady and four gentlemen. The lady member called me in and I wished her good morning and also wished the others. She offered me a seat and I thanked her.
The lady member asked me to introduce myself but before I could say anything, at the same time the Panel Head (sitting at the centre) asked me my name and before i could answer him, M1 started asking me where I am from!!! It was like an avalanche of questions and I was confused on what to do. But since M1 asked me the last question and in a very hurried and loud manner, I decided to answer him. I wonder why they were in such a hurry! Moreover they were all turning pages of numerous documents of previous candidates and writing stuff on them. 
So here it begins:
M1: where do you stay?
A: Answered
M1: what is your qualification? 
M1: Year?
A: 2012
M1: What were you doing since then?
A: Preparing for bank exams, sir,
M1: Tell me the functions of RBI
A: Frames monetary policy, Regulates banks, Prints currency and coins on behalf of GOI
He looked satisfied with the answer
M1: Who’s the first citizen of India?
A: The President, Shri Pranab Mukherjee
M2: Tell me what are the main revenue earning resources of your state
A: answered
M2: Asked one more question which I couldn’t answer and apologised
M3(Head): What does your father do?
A: Answered
M3: Who’s the chairperson of Upper House?
A: Vice prez, Mohd. Hamid AnsariAnsari
M3: Asked one GK question of my state, answered.
M4: When was banking regulation act passed? 
A: 1949
M4: Why were banks nationalised?
A: Before nationalisation, banks were owned by private bodies, so they lend money mainly to rich people. Poor people were left out of the system. So in ordernto achieve financial inclusion, banks were nationalised. 
M4: What is NPA?
A: Answered
He seemed quite pleased with my answers
M5(Lady): Asked few questions related to bank accounts. Answered.
Thank you, you may go.
I thanked them but they were too busy with the papers and talking amongst themselves, so I didn’t thank or look back individually to each member (maybe I should have). 
Overall the panel was good but very casual and most of the time were busy scribbling on documents of previous candidates and mine as well. 
Don’t know what to expect. Couldn’t answer two questions, answered the rest instantly and in a ziffy. 
One weird thing was, all other candidates who went in before me were interviewed for 7-8 minutes but my interview lasted barely 4 minutes (or maybe because I felt everything was going quickly). Maybe it was also because I answered everything instantly. (Not boasting) I don’t know whether it was good because it lasted 4 minutes or bad because it meant that they were not interested in giving me marks and wanted to dispose me off as soon as they could. Anyway, hoping for the best and eagerly waiting for April! Hope the news will be good. 
Wishing all the remaining aspirants all the very best of luck!

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