IBPS PO 2014 Interview Experience Part 20

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Interview Experience of IBPS PO Interview Hope you like it.

Here is my interview experience friends….

Venue: PUNE, Bank of Maharashtra, Staff college
Afternoon session, 1 pm
I reached at the venue at 12:00 noon. They directly took me for document verifcation. They handed me a covering letter which had columns like computer knowledge, streams for HSC and graduation, PG. Hobbies column was also there. There was a detailed list of documents to be submitted. Couple of xerox were missing from my list so I went outside to Xerox them. After I came back, Started my document verification which lasted for 15-20mins. THey checked each and every word of the documents submitted.
They then told that interviews will start after 1 hour lunch break.
At 2.00 pm interview started.
there were 6 people in all (5 gents and a lady).
at the beginning there were regular questions like are u a BE mech? Where have u done your engineering from?etc.
Then the first question
M1: Why have you filled bank of baroda as your first option?
ME: It is a large bank so.
M1: Why RRBs were specially formed when even large PSU banks could open branches in rural areas?
ME: To look into the needs of farmers and lobourers. THeir aim was not to make profit but PsU banks function for profit.
M1: he corrected me saying the recruitment of staff so designed that they can understand their problems.
M2: why banking after mechanical engineering? You worked in a good company for a year but then why did u leave it?
ME: I was not satisfied with the job and due to recession, I could not fing the job which I desired for. So I left it.
M2: But you had a good salary u should not have left(M4: abhi tak to 5.5 ya 6 lac tak ho gayi hoti).
one of the member was shaking his head.
M2: you have done 2 jobs. will it not be a case where you may leave this one also and Do MBA?
ME: No sir, 100 % nahi chodunga( It was a spontaneous reaction).
M2: Now tell me there is a customer in your bank which always creates nuisance and you have a lot of lady staff. sometimes he comes in a bank as drunken also.But there is one thing he keeps 15 lac as balance in this account regularly. What will you do?
ME: I will try to talk to him in person and explain him the whole situation. Even then if does not respond, I will tell him to close his account as we can find 5 other good customers to cope with the balance. For me interest of the lady staff will be foremost.
M2: he then added saying you will give him in writing and keeping the security of the lady staff in mind you should forcibly close his account.
M3: If CRR rate is reduced or increased what will happen to banks
ME: answered that they have less loan to lend if CRR is increased and vice versa. He was satisfied.
at the end, they asked me some personal questions and told me to leave. While getting up one of them said good and other one said nycc. THe lady was continuously watching my behaviour and as was one of the male panel members….thankyou.
The interview lasted for 12-14 mins.
Guys, your feedback about the interview will be appreciated. Will I clear it?? Hope so….

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