IBPS PO 2014 Interview Experience Part 19

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of IBPS PO Interview Hope you like it.

25 Jan 2015 Dehradun 1pm Mechanical Engineering 2014 pass out

Reached center at around 11:00… Most of the guys were in suit and I was confused whether to wear a sweater over my shirt or not… People were chatting and as soon a candidate(from morning shift) came out of the building they surrounded him/her and fired the clich├ęs like “Dude… what did they ask” “Banking??”  “profile??” “Were they friendly??”  “Current events??”.
Around 1pm we were allowed entry, since there were only two panels we were told to sit accordingly. The document verification guys announced the instructions twice and started calling us in accordance with a predetermined order(I think it was according to our roll numbers)…. There were around 22 people in both panels and I was 2nd in mine. I was little tensed about document verification because 1. Since I passed my graduation in June 2014 my college hadn’t provided me a consolidated mark sheet   2. Date of issuance in my provisional degree was 25 august 2014. But things went smooth and the guy only checked the date on my 8th semester GPA sheet(which was June 2014. Verification hardly took 5-6 minutes. One thing which I found stupid was that they asked me my high school mark sheet twice one for DOB proof and other.. well .. as high school certificate!!
The interviews started at 2;45pm…. I was second so I waited on the ‘waiting chair’ .. first guy came out.. a bell rang and a staff member told me to go in.
I knocked and went in… closed the door behind me and moved but the door was 3-4mm open.. so one panel member told me to close it properly. I did the same .. i wished the lady member first and the male members in one go… she told me have a seat .. I did…
Lady member: How are you feeling?
Me: Mam actually a bit cold.. (yes I decided to go without a sweater)..
Male 1 (I think he was the chairman because he was the oldest) Arey beta thand nahi lag rahi hai kya.. Where are you coming from?
Me: told
Male 1: vahah pe to aur thand hai..
Me: I thought it would be warm today.
Male 1: Chalo fir kuch garma garam news sunao..
Me: Sir Obama has cancelled the Agra leg of his journey because of the the demise of Egyptian ( I thought omg!! should I say emperor King since these were obviously different) ‘King’ I said. Then I told that ball by ball commentary on Delhi elections was all over news channels.
Male 1: Some thing about Ramdev?
Me: Yes I said and told about the Padma Vibhushan stuff..
Male1 : Is it justified on Swami’s part?? Should or shouldn’t they accept these honours?
Me: Told all about how Babaji has been a vocal supporter of the ruling dispensation in the past and conferring him an award immediately after assuming power would seem partisan. But babaji had indeed done a great work for the cause of Indian soft power by promoting Yoga… therefore if Iyengar can accept similar honour .. why not Ramdev.
Female: What do you know about banking?
Me: (I thought there’s so much, what should I say) Before I could open my mouth
Female: You are looking for a long term career in Banking.. Aren’t you?
Me: (Like a soldier) Yes mam!! Obviously I am ( I was told not to mention my plans about Civil Services so didn’t)
Lady: So you must have read about banking sector.. how it works.. achha why do want to join banking?
Me: (I had prepared this answer so thoroughly that I was ready to face any cross question) I puked every thing from growth, stability, work to remuneration etc..  I concluded by saying that Banking sector offers me what I aspire and I can offer the Industry what it expects of a banker… Therefore it’s a mutually beneficial partnership… (She smiled and shook her head conforming to what I said). I said I am a fast learner and would learn most of the things once I am inducted.
Male 2: What are your hobbies?
Me: Told Creative writing and reading History( wrote Mains this year with History as optional so I was quite confident that I could take most of their questions easily) ..( He uttered Creative writing) so I mentioned I also watch TV shows as they give me situations and inspiration to write..
Male2: What shows?
Me: I said sicoms and drama( just finished House of CardsJ )
Male 2 and Female (together): You know about creative writing branch/wing/division(I don’t remember what he said) in banks/
Me: No sir I said
Male 3: What is NABARD?
Me: told
Male3: Tell in Hindi.
Me: (I thought..Man! Was I bad) Told in hindi with special stress on ‘niyantran’ “sanchalan’ etc
Male3: How are NABARD and RRBs related?
Me: Told
Male4: What is viscosity?
Me: (My greatest inhibition was my engineering stream ME ) but this was cool .. Told
Male 4: What is FERA?
Me: told
Male4: FEMA?
Me: Told
Male 5: What are functions of RBI?
Me: Told
Male 1 (again): What is perjury?(I heard Bajari!! And thought Yes may he is testing my Engineering knowledge) before I could open my mouth he said “You know about laws. Don’t you?”
Me: Sorry sir
Male 1: Tell me about Tax slabs.
Me: (In my head.. Oh Perjury!!) Told about tax slabs.
Male 1: He also asked me another question before tax slabs but I couldn’t understand what he said and I said sorry.

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