IBPS PO 2014 Interview Experience Part 14

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of IBPS PO Interview Hope you like it.

Interview Experience Position – IBPS Bank PO Date – 22/01/2015 Venue – Grand JBR Hotel, Lucknow Time – 8.30 am After the documentation that took 5 minutes I was asked to go for the interview upstairs in panel no 3.
It was so fast that I could hardly recollect all my papers and I expected some time to be given after the document verification. As soon as I reached the room with catching breath, the peon said aao aao jaldi aao ….. I said – Arey ruk ja mere bhai thoda pani pi lene de

 After 2 minutes I went inside – There were 5 panelist – 4 males + 1 female I entered and wished them. The head of the panel said where is your beard? I was like what? He said you like to keep beard right? I was finding it amusing then I realized that in the photograph I had little beard. I laughed and said yes!
First I was bombarded with personal Questions –
M1 + M2 – You have completed your class 12th in 2004? This is 2015? What did you do for so long?
Answer – I worked in BPO’s for 4 years at Gurgaon?
M1 + M2 – Which school? What does your father do? Why did you start working so early soon after intermediate? Why didn’t you complete your graduation then? Why in 2014?
Answer – Army public School. My father is a retired Army personnel. After my intermediate I dropped a year to prepare for medical entrance unfortunately I did not clear and decided to move out and work somewhere to gain some work experience.
Then came school education questions?
M3 – You studied Biology in class 12th? Tell me what is appendix? How much blood is in human body? What is the length of small intestine? Is a light passes through a prism at 60 degree angle what kind of image does it form?
Answer – Sir Appendix has something to do with digestive system. I don’t remember the quantity of blood in our body but I is in liters and may be 5 to 6 liters. I don’t remember the length of our intestine but it’s in meters. I have no idea about the prism question.
Then came graduation question?
M4 – They were almost surprised to see an arts student? You studied political science in graduation? Tell me what are directive principles of state policy? What is parliamentary form of government? What is the difference between US & Indian democratic setup? Once someone said that in UK parliament a man can be made a women and women can be made man? What do you understand by this? Answer – Gave all the answers appropriately.
Then at last some questions related to economy?
M5 – What is current account deficit? How does it increase? What is disinvestment? Why is it done?
Answer – Gave convincing answers. Thank you.
Suggestions – Please do not read or study anything a day prior to interview. Relax as much as you can. Never ever try to open even a page on the interview day. Do not talk to anyone unnecessarily at the venue. Don’t even think that you have come for an interview. The reason I am giving you this advice is no matter how prepared you are you may not even be asked a question on what you have studied. The result is you have lot of things going on in your mind and that makes you fumble and nervous.
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