IBPS PO 2014 Interview Experience Part 13

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Interview Experience of IBPS PO Interview Hope you like it
My interview,experience-23rd jan
Place,T.P.S Jaipur
Panel members-5 (4 gents,1 female)
I cramed the introduction and they fired me with the question i was praying that at least that should not be asked.Why ECGC 1st 
I answered interest in exports (was told dis at mahendras) and growth prospective,i thought i was saved,but to my utter dismay, first bouncer-tell me what is anti dumping duties in export,u have interest in exports na.(aur phek tu beta), i was like sir aage se nahi bollonga ye interst in export,bache ko maaf kardo abhi  🙁

My first impression gone bad, i was feeling like i m in iraq,surrounded by terrorists and i was like stammering at that time . 
Some how controlled my calm (actully not)
Then Asked NPA,answered
Monetary policey decided by whom and objectives-answered
current CRR and if it is lessen-then what-answered
Current deficit-crap don’t why i didn’t remember at that time,i tried to say an aiwain type answer and mam looked it me like i have asked her kidney (3 idiot dialogue  ),den said the last resort,sorry mam i don’t know
Asked abut Make in India-almost answered.
Why RRB’s established -answered ,for rural purpose as commercial banks was not able to concentrate on rural needs which are large percentage of india,i know the answer was correct but he was testing my patience since i have said patience as my strength .:-(
Nationalization when-answered (told the year,dates don’t came up to  my mind)
1969-how many were nationalized and some question related to requirement-answered
1980-same question-answered
why RTGS is real time-answered by comparing  them with NEFT and some bla bla,not intervation,continuous,fast etc etc,they seems satisfied with that.
Overall-screwed interview,lets hope for the best 

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