IBPS PO 2014 Interview Experience Part 15

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of IBPS PO Interview Hope you like it.

Interview experience
Name –Parvesh Singla
Date of Interview -24/1/2015
Interview Timings: 8:30a.m. Interview venue – Punjab
National Bank, Near WestEnd Mall, Ludhiana Panel 2
Here is my interview experience.
I reached at the venue
at sharp 8:00 am. At 8.30 we were all called on 3rd floor for documents
verification. Document verification started at 8:45 a.m. I was the 7th

candidate in my panel for document verification. I was sitting outside room
waiting for my turn suddenly a candidate sitting beside me asked me “Are you
Parvesh Singla from Bankersadda. I replied, “Yes” (foole nahi sama payea main )

Before the interview
start all candidates were offered tea and biscuits. After few minutes all the
members of interview panel arrives and introduce themselves to us and motivate
us and told us to be remain cool and don’t be nervous. I felt more relaxed and
confident after that.
The interview panel
included 5 members (4 male and 1 female).
After the 2nd candidate
interview was done one of the panel members came out and he went downstairs and
didn’t came back.
Interview started at
10:00 a.m. My turn came at 11:30 a.m. My interview went for around 15-20 min.
Every panel member asked question to me
There were 4 people. I
entered and greeted them all with a smile. They asked me to sit down.
M1- From where do u belong??
Me- I said Ludhiana sir
M1- So you are local?
Me- I said yes sir
M1-You have done B.Tech in 2012?? What were you doing for 2 years??(Expected
Me- Explained. Cross
questioning occurs (like you have so much scope in your field) again
M1: Why do you want to
come in banking sector?
Me: Answered
M1: What will you do for
banking sector?
Me: Answered
M1: Do you heard about financial inclusion?
Me: yes and explained
M2: Who is the king of
Saudi Arabia??
Me: Abdullah
M2: But he has died
Me: Salman Abdul-Aziz
M2: Good
M3: Is SME good for Indian
Me: Answered. He said
good (He seems impressed)
M3: Recently Government
passed a MSME Act??
Me: Sorry Sir, don’t
Then the peon came in
with glasses of juice. They offered me- I take it but I didn’t drink it until
my interview was over.
Suddenly the Lady Member asked a question
L: What is retail
Me: Answered
L: Types of retail
Me: Answered
L: Do you avail a loan?
Me: No madam.
They talked with each
other and told me that it’s over now and you can go. I was going to get up
suddenly they said first drink your juice. I started drinking and they started
healthy discussion with me like what my father is doing and where…then they
inquired me about that place.(it went for another around 10 minutes).
After drinking the juice
they offered me a candy. I took it and said thank you sir. They wish GOOD LUCK
to me.
Thank You Shruti Mam and
BA friends…Interview Discussions really help me a lot.

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