IBPS PO 2014 Interview Experience Part 6

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of IBPS PO Interview Hope you like it
My interview review-
Name- Prabhjot singh Venue- chandigarh Date- 19th jan 2015 Time- 8:30am Panel 3
Well I reached at 8:40, documents verified at 11:30 noon, waited for my turn, . ..its been real cold in that block of PNB…feeling like chilled casata….finally get call at 12:02…

There were 5 members 1 female(p5) + 1 chief( p1 ) + 3 male.
I: come in sir?
P1 chief: Yes welcome..come in.have a seat…
I wished all of them, Good afternoon everyone took my seat…everyone immidietly replied gud afternoon…smilingly..
Chief p1:well than when do we wish evening..
i : sir Generally after 5 P:M…. he said smilingly… OK…
P1: So what have u done…B tech from punjab university…didnt u got campus placement..
i : yes sir had been with infosyis for 3 months..left…
p1 : why? i : Dont want to serve as system engineer for an indefiniate period..want to explore my skills as java developer as already working on it….joined BAYA tree in mohali worked thr…
p1: why leave it after 8 months. i : sir android came into market and ate up all customer base of free java app users…as well as my own scope to explore more on java..
P1 : but then why didnt go for Android then…
i : sir i will have to start again from ABCD..for android but got great opportunity as site manager in woodlands..i opted it..
p1:what r u earning there ??
i : 5 lac per project..
p1: ok ok..fine …
p1: what r u doing after that..
i : sir since last year april i have been preparing of exams..
p1: how many exams u given..which exam u passed ..and which u could nt make..
i : sir till now cleared all exams..SBI PO,SBI CLERICAL , IBPS PO, RRB..(didnt told them about SSC..got selected for IP..) couldnt make SBI PO for 1 mark and waiting for clerical..
p1 : 1 mark values much these days..
i : sincerely admitting replied yes sir…
p2: what are basic languages.
i : COBOL PASCAL..then came C C++ JAVA in market…
p2: advanced languages..
i : C++ JAVA… p2:
what is cloud computing..
i: explained storage mechanism…and its application..
p2 : ok…(found him dumb on my answer)
p2: how does ur engineering will help us…in banking
i : sir to be true …as developer my language skills not gonna help bank in any way but being engg developer my analytical and compilation skills are definetly sharp…and that is going to be benificial not only bank but any firm…consume less time with better accuracy leads to better output..
p2:ok. p3: what is …..liability…??( p1 cross cut p3 and clear him that candidate is not from commerce background..)
p3: he suddenly change question..what is jandhan yojna..
i: explained…
p2 : what is benifit of this yojna…
i : cross questioned….from whose point of view Govt or customer..
p2: over all benifit..
i : more accounts leads to more money for govt leads to more investment spending power leads to economy boost up…
p2 : aur kya benefits h…?
i : rural area people have opportunity to save their money in govt pocket that too securely..
p2 : aur btao??
i : (confused aur kitna btaoo) …if they maintain account for 6 months…they will get ..(p1 cross completed – ppl will get 5 thousand rupees overdraft) …i said yes sir + people will get life cover facility also…
P1 : smilingly….i know u know…( replied yes sir…)
p2 : but 300 rs wages wala labour kya account me rakhega,,,+ wo account ko npa aur krdega..
i : first thing labour having account if not now but surely will use account in future..atleast banks gave a scope..2nd thing it is liability of labour how to repay or not..
p2 : ok ok..
p4: what are ur hobbies…?
i : reading /writing novels…
p1: which kind of fiction / non fiction..
i : spritual novels.. every one surplused….
p1 : which one u reading..
i : VOICE OF SILENCE by Mabell collins…
p2 : what is explained in that novel..
i : its actually a very broad question..to be precise its her life experience poured in called ‘sootras’ explained briefly by OSHO…
p5 : any movie u watched recently…
i : PK
p1 : wahi jispe bawaal mcha hua h …is that movie justified..
i : i cannot challenge others perspective…jo bhi bawaal mcha rhe h…but for me movie perfectly justifies its point..i liked it..absolutely..
p5 (female) : ok do u have account..
i : yes mam, in sbi…
p5 : what is rate on saving accounts..
i: 4 % i think..
p1: are u sure..??
i : yes sir absolutely its 4..
p5 : what rate on deposits…fixed ones..
i : i said have an fd in canara bank having 9 % annualy…and this rate varies bank to bank ( p1 and p5 smilingly yes..)
p1 :ok prabhjot nice to talk you wish u a good luck..
i wished thank you and left…overall good experience…hope u guys get glimpse for ur interview….

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