IBPS PO 2014 Interview Experience Part 3

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Interview Experience of IBPS PO Interview Hope you like it
My interview review-
Name- Bhagyasri Das
Venue- Guwahati
Date- 19th jan 2015
Panel 1
Well I reached at 8, documents verified at 12 noon, waited for my turn, finally I was called at 2:30. I was 2nd last to be called, total 24 candidates in our panel. 1st time I waited for more than 6 hours, was completely exhausted, hungry, had headache etc, my brain was working less for being tired! I entered……..

I: may I come in sir?
Panel member 1: Yes come in.
I wished all of them well, took my seat. But mistakenly said good morning (It was a blunder) & it was our second meet, they had come to our room during documents verification. So I smilingly said sorry sir, it is good afternoon, they said its completely ok take your seat. I thanked & sat.
P1: So what do you do? Where u stay? What your father does etc… (normal talks)
I answered them well
P:2 Who is chairman of SBI
I: Arundhati Bhattacharya
P2: Who is chairperson of ICICI?
I: Chanda Kochhar
P1: well u r the 1st one to reply correctly among all, very good
I: thank u sir
P1: who is chairman of  BMB
I: Usha Ananthasubramaniam
P2: Who is chairman of Allahabad bank?
I: Sorry Sir I donot know
(finally they stopped asking about chairpersons)
P2: What is the policy introduced by GOI related to financial sector something like yojna
I: I explained well about jan dhan yojna in short
P2: what is make in india policy
I: explained
So they asked me a related question about how make in india policy will impact import and export, I explained well but not much proper, but it was ok ( they didn’t say good this time :p)
I: explained about current account deficiency
(They were happy this time)
P3: what is cash loss & margin of safety
I: was blank, though I knew margin of safety. So I said sorry
P1: U will remember after u walk out of the room ( smilingly)
P4: what is your hobby?
I: cooking
P4: tell about any famous personality related to ur hobby
I: Sanjeeb kapoor is my role model & I watch his videos in you tube & try out at home with new recipes
All started laughing
P5: Ok u may leave now, wish u a very good luck
I: Thank u sir
P1 offered me a chocolate, I said thank u very much & left
All candidates were being interviewed for around 15-20 min but When I entered it was already time for second session candidates, so they ended my one in 5 min, overall it was ok!

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