IBPS PO 2014 Interview Experience of GAURAV KUMAR BALIYAN Part 16

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of IBPS PO Interview Hope you like it.

IBPS PO/MT – IV Interview
Qualification – B.E. (Computer Science)
Interview Date – 23rdJanuary 2015
Location – Syndicate Bank Training Centre, Bangalore
Time – 08.30 am                        
Interview Panel – I
I reached at the venue at 08.00 a.m. All candidates were allowed to enter only after 08.30 a.m., and all the proceedings started by 08.45 a.m.
1st Stage – Document Verification
They had a list of all the candidate’s names, and so they allotted a serial number to every candidate as per the list. Then the candidates were supposed to go according to the numbers allotted to them, to document verification first and then for the interview.
The number allotted to me was 7. My Document Verification was over by 09.30 a.m.
The Document Verification Officer was very friendly. Even if a person forgot any of their documents, he was giving them time to bring documents from their home. Also he provided a PC with internet connection for those who need to download any of their documents from internet or from their e-mail Id. A Fax Machine was also present there for those who can get their documents through Fax. In addition to all these, a Xerox machine was also there to help those who forgot to bring Xerox of any of their documents.

For those who had confusions regarding validity of OBC certificate, all OBC certificates issued after 12-08-2013 will be accepted, including those which were issued after the last online registration date i.e. 11-08-2014 (contrary to what was mentioned in the notification). Many of the candidates had OBC certificates issued after last online registration date, and even one of the student brought his OBC certificate of today’s date only, means his certificate was issued today morning and he brought the same.
2nd Stage – Interview
I was called for the interview at 09.30 a.m. It was my first interview and it was not at all good. I didn’t feel that I made any impression.
There was a panel of 5 members, consisting of 4 Gentlemen (G1, G2, G3 and G4) and 1 Lady (L1).
All the five were very friendly, the four men were continuously smiling throughout the interview, but the lady had a strict expression on her face.
As I entered,
Me: May I come in sir?
All of them: Yes, come in.
G1: Please have the seat, and be comfortable.
I smiled and sat down. Then I realised that I didn’t wish them Good Morning (So, started on a bad note).
G3(while looking in the some documents with him): So you are a native of New Delhi and completed engineering in computer science with 69.9 % last year. OK?
Me: Yes sir.
G4: So why banking, as your background suggests you to enter into IT sector?
Me: Yes sir I did engineering but still I didn’t join IT sector because I was never interested in it, instead I wanted to serve in government sector. So, I didn’t join any company and started preparing for government exams and banking is the one to which I focussed.
G4: If you were never interested in IT sector, then why you opted for computer science?
Me: When I had to make a choice regarding my future career after my schooling, I opted for computer science as I felt that in today’s era when the world is going digital, the knowledge of computer is a must.
G4: Whatever you learnt in your degree, how it will be useful in banking sector?
Me: In engineering, we were not taught only about computer languages, but also about how to solve real life problems using various algorithms. It helped us in developing an innovative and rational mind, and also kept us updated with new technological stuffs. All the things which we learnt can be utilised in any field, even if the field is banking sector.
G4: Ok.
G1: So tell me what is the importance of 26 January?
(I started thinking and trying to recollect anything about 26 January, and suddenly realised, Oh damn, that why am I thinking too much, its Republic Day yaar.)
Me: Sir, its Republic Day.
G1: Tell me whatever you know about Republic Day.
Me: Sir, our constitution was enforced on this date in 1950. Even if we became independent on 15 August 1947, but still we needed a constitution to take the country forward. The framing of constitution was completed in November 1949, but still the leaders decided to bring the constitution into force only on 26 January, 1950. Because this date, 26 January, has significance in history. On 26 January 1929, the Indian National Congress passed the resolution declaring complete independence of India.
G3: Wait, when India became independent?
Me: On 15 August, 1947.
G3: Then why you are saying 1929?
Me: No sir, I am not saying that India became independent in 1929, I am saying that Indian National Congress, which was a political party, they passed a resolution declaring complete independence on 26 January 1929, after which the freedom struggle became more intense politically. That’s why this date, 26 January, was chosen to enforce the constitution. (I felt as if my voice also became a little bit more intense like an argumentative tone while justifying my point, I realised it at the same time, but what was done was done).  
G3: Ok, ok… I got it. But why the constitution was needed?
Me: Because constitution defines the points on which the country is governed. To decide on the type of administration we need, and also to decide on various laws on which the country will move forward, the constitution was needed.
G3: Ok, good.
G1: Is there anything special about this upcoming 26 January?
Me: Yes Sir. Barack Obama will be the chief guest.
G1: Any special preparations regarding it?
Me: Yes sir, there is a lot of controversy between Indian Intelligence Agencies and American Intelligence Agencies regarding security of Mr Barack Obama. As per their protocol, the president of America never spends more than 15 minutes in open, but here he has to stay in open for more than 2 hours during parade. Also as per the protocol followed by India, the chief guest always arrives in our President’s Car, but American Intelligence Agencies want their president to travel in his own car.
G1: What is the name of his car?
Me(After thinking a little bit): I know but I can’t remember now. (1st time I denied for an answer in this interview as I didn’t know)
G1: The car is called ‘The Beast’.
Me: Ok sir.
G1: Can you name any two movies which won more than 11 Oscars?
Me: Titanic and Lord of the Rings.
G1: Right. Name one more movie?
Me: Slumdog Millionaire.
G1: No, try to remember.
Silence for 30 seconds from my side, I was acting as if I am thinking. (2ndtime I didn’t know the answer)
G1: It was Ben-Hur.
G3: You did your SSC and SSLC from Vadodara?
Me; Yes sir, as my father works in Indian Air Force, so we have been to various places due to transferable nature of his job, and therefore I did my schooling from various different schools.
G4: Which places you have been to?
Me: We have been to Leh, Shillong, Guwahati, Jamnagar, Vadodara and Nagpur.
G4: So how you come in Bangalore?
Me: I got admission here in engineering college, so I came to pursue my graduation.
G1: There is a famous lake in Leh. Can you tell the name?
Me: I completely forgot the name sir. (I just remembered that the name is some Chinese kind of name, so very tough to remember).
G1: The same lake is also shown in the movie 3 Idiots. Try to remember.
Me: Sorry sir, I don’t remember the name. (3rd time I don’t know the answer)
G1:  Pangong Tso Lake. It was also in news when there were Chinese army’s incursions on Indian land in Leh.
Me: Yes sir.
G1: Who was the founder of Apple Computers?
Me: Steve Jobs.
G1: Is he alive?
Me: No sir.
G4: When the tsunami struck Andaman and Nicobar Islands?
Me: On 26 December, 2004.
G4: What is the capital of Nicobar Islands?
Me: Car Nicobar.
G4: Except the tribal people who are native of the island, is it possible for any other person to go and settle down there on Car Nicobar Island?
Me: No sir, people can visit there only as tourists, but they are not allowed to settle down.
G4: But when tsunami struck, there were many shopkeepers and retailers on the island who lost their everything in tsunami, were they legal?
Me: Yes sir, they might have taken permission from government to do their business there.
G4: No, they were illegally doing their business, and that’s why they didn’t get any compensation from the government.
Me: Ok sir. (4th time I didn’t know the answer)
L1(remember the strict lady): Who decides the monetary policy?
Me: RBI governs the monetary policy in our country.
L1: Tell me something about monetary policy?
I was thinking to answer about the CRR, SLR, open market operations etc which are used by RBI to control credit in market, but I was not sure, so better opted to quit in this question also.
Me: Sorry ma’am, I don’t know specifics of monetary policy. (5th time, it’s happening more than expected)
L1: Tell me types of deposit accounts?
Me: Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits, Current Account and Savings Account.
L1: What is CASA?
Me: CASA stands for Current and Savings Account.
L1: What do you know about KYC?
Me: KYC stands for Know Your Customer. It is a guideline by RBI so that the banks can have complete information about their customers. The documents required in KYC are identity proof, address proof and photographs. It is a step to prevent illegal practices such as money laundering.
L1: What is money laundering?
Me: In money laundering, the money travels through so many bank accounts and undergoes so many transactions such that it becomes very complex and difficult to trace the original source of the money. (They all reacted as either I was wrong or they were not satisfied with my answer)
G4: Which kind of money it is?
Me: Black Money.
G4: What is Black Money?
Me: The money which is illegally earned.
L1: What is Aadhar Card ?
Me: It is a unique identification card issued to the citizens of India. It is different from other identity cards because it uses biometric verification as an identification tool.
L1: How many digits are there in Aadhar Number?
Me: Sorry ma’am , I never noticed the number of digits. (6th time, and now I am like “are they interviewers or barristers, why so many questions”)
G4: Do you have an Aadhar Card ?
Me: No sir. (7th time, and I know what the next question will be)
G4: Why? You should apply for it being a responsible citizen.
Me: Yes sir, but I don’t have any fixed address from last 3 years, therefore I don’t have even an authentic address proof also, which is required while applying for Aadhar card.
G3: You have been here for last 4 years, do you know kannada?
Me: No Sir. (8th time, God why me?)
G3: You should have learnt it as you are staying here from last 4 years.
Me(now in Damage Control Mode): Its because I spent most of the time in college hostel, and there were no students there with mother tongue as kannada, all the students were from outside Karnataka, so I never got the chance to interact with many of the kannadiga students, and the kannadiga students with whom I interacted in my college were very good in speaking hindi, so we managed our communication in hindi or sometimes in English as well. So they never gave me a chance to learn kannada.
G3: Ok, have the chocolate and you may go now.
Me: Thank you sir. (yeh ehsaan mai kabi nai bhuluga sir, thanks a lot for letting me go)
I took one chocolate and came out of the room.
While asking all the questions, they all were continuously smiling towards me, even I answered everything with a smile, even while denying for the answers also, I maintained a smile on my face.
The interview went up to 25-30 minutes.
But as I analysed my interview, I was not happy and felt it was one of the worst interviews as my answer was “No” or “Don’t know” for 8 times, which is too much I feel.
But I learnt a few things and will try to get better from here, as the popular adage says, “The show must go on”
Hope it will help you in your preparations. Kindly give your reviews also.

Thank You.

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