IBPS PO 2014 Interview Experience 38

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of IBPS PO Interview Hope you like it.
Intervie on 28/01/2015 , 8:30AM , BOI Noida
As I walked into the room of fate I saw 5 panelist sitting there 4Gentlemen and a Lady. I wished them as I approached their desk, all of them replied politely and offered me to sit down, I humbly thanked them and sat on the chair. One of the gentlemen started talking with meI.
GM- Shivanshu arya,
ME- yes sir, G – toh aapki schooling ghaziabad se hi hui haip
M – no sir, I started my schooling in Bastar chhatishgarh then I did my 10th from bhopal and 12th from ghaziabad.
G- aapke papa kya karte hai?
M- by education he is doctor currently working with safdarjung hospital but by designation he is a scientist,
G – transferable job h father ka.
M- yes sir.
G- toh aapne engg. Kari h mmmm bhopal se. Kitne % marks the aapke?
M- 65.65% sir,
G- branch IT,
M- yes sir,
G-fir koi placement ni hui?
M- No sir, there were no placement that year in my college.
G- IT mei job try ni kari aapne?
M- No sir,
G- kab khatm hui aapki engg. ?
M- sir in 2012.
G- fir tab se kya kar rahe the(Smiling)?
M- sir initially I was confused what to do, then after a lot of discussion with my father and brother in law, we concluded banking is the career to follow. So I started preparing in may 2013.
G – Aur kahi selection hua aapka?
M- sir SBI PO mei hua tha missed final cut off by 0.10.
G- is baar ka exams kaisa hua, kitne questions attempt kiye?
M – sir it was quite good, I did 124(i actually did 122)
G – kitna score expect kar rahe h?
M – 110+
G- toh ab shuru kare interview taiyar h aap?
M – yes sir.
G – aapki gk kaisi h?
M – its fine sir,
G- abhi jo greece k naye PM bane h uska Kya Naam h?
M – Alexis Tsipras
G- good, jo abhi US president aaye the Obama saab unhone kuch investment ki baat kari h, kitna h aap bta sakte h?
M- sir total it’s 6bn USD, 4 in the form of bank loans & 2 in the form of investment towards energy sector.
G- aur humare dekh ka foreign reserve kitna h?
M – 329 bn USD Approx. (he commented something on that I didn’t get it though)
G – modi ji ne abhi swacch Bharat abhiyan shuru kiya h, uske baare mei kuch btae.
M – sir to promote cleanliness in our surrounding and making our country clean.
G – aur kya hoga isse kuch tourism related?
M – yes sir cleanliness se our country will look good and foreigners will come, many a times we go to some heritage sight of country like Lal quila and find food and wrappers littered there, that doesn’t make our country look good in the eyes of foreigners, so if we can keep it clean we may see a rise in tourist activities, and also cleanliness gives rise to hygiene and health bhi achi hogi citizens ki.
G – acha humare desh mei bank ko kon govern karta h?
M – reserve bank of India
G – saying RBI along with me, uske functions kya h?
G – issuing currency, banker to the banks, banker to the government, monetary policy, LOTR, representative of government.
G- kaha represent karta h?
M- in the BIS conference. G – and what us BIS?
M – bank of international settlement.
G- kaha h yeh?
M- switzerland
G – he told some city name.
M – I said yes.
G – jo monetary policy review karta h RBI wo kabhi bhi kar leta h ya koi time period h?
M – sir its done bi-monthly But sometimes bich mei bhi ho kar dete h. G – next kab due h?
M – sir 1st of feb
G – shayad 3rd Feb h mujhe bhi nai pta,
G- corporate governance kya hota h.
M – ethics and mechanism by which corporate do their work.
G – aur kuch?
M – sorry sir I know that much only.
G – koi baat nai, ye btao stock market k baare mei jaante ho?
M – sir I have very little knowledge about it
G – dekhte h, market regulator kon h stocks ka
M – SEBI sir,
G – what’s IPO?
G – kya hota h usme?
M – when a company list it’s shares for the first time and offers general public to buy them.
G – what’s fpo?
M – sorry sir I don’t know that.
G – he explained it.
G – modi sarkar aai thi toh unhone ek slogan diya tha less government more governance aap bta sakte h uske baare mei kuch? M – sir I haven’t read a lot about it.
G – aapka account konse bank mei h?
M – sir SBI and bank of baroda.
G – good 2 banks mei h, jab aap dono banks jaate hai toh kuch difference lagta h services mei?
M – not much sir but SBI mei always bheed baut hoti h as compared to Bank of baroda, toh bank of baroda mei work quickly ho jata h,
G- SBI mei green channel counter hota h.
M – yes sir. G – have you used it
M – yes sir.
G – Ok Shivanshu thank you, all the best.
M – thank you sir and all of.
All the questions were asked by only one of the gentlemen and he was smiling throughout the interview, so was I, I looked mostly towards him, tough I did looked at others in between sometimes, two of the other 4 were looking at me sometimes, the other two were busy looking at some documents.
This was my 4th bank PO interview and it was the best experience I had.

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