IBPS PO 2014 Interview Experience 39

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of IBPS PO Interview Hope you like it.
Interview PO experience….
Venue: Bank of Maharashtra staff college, Panel III
Reached Pune one day before from New Delhi.
On D day reached the venue just on time thanks to the autowala bhau. All other people had already arrived. I was surprised to see that were nobody present were wearing coat/blazer. So I felt a little
After documentation at 3:00 p.m. had to wait for two hours. Meanwhile I had the chance to talk to the guy who verified my docs. He was very cool and told me that the GM was the hr guy and as per him the interviewers  were nice and mostly checked the confidence, personality and dressing sense of the candidate and not stuck on banking awareness or general knowledge. Now that gave me some confidence because I was not sure of banking questions that much!!!!
At 4:45 p.m. (not sure of the exact time) I entered the HALL. 5  people in 50s were sitting (4 men and a lady). 
Me: May I come in !!!
M3 (center guy): Yes come in.
Me: Good evening mam, Good evening Sirs with a smile.
M3: Your name? (in confusion as I was sent by the guard ahead of the candidate who was suppose to go)
M3: Ok. Sit down please.
Me: Thank you.
M3: Are you employed presently? (almost inaudible )
Me: sorry sir!!!
then he repeated the same but this time he was audible.
Me: Yes . then explained the company’s background. (Its a German)
M3: You have heard of walmart. So tell me why was I coming to India. And then why was it not allowed. Also say your views on it.
Me: Described FDI then both the pros and cons on the issue.(M4 nodded his head in agreement)
M3: (interrupting me) Tell me your views only.
Me: I support it coz this will enhance forex reserve and also help enhance economy of the country.
M1: What are the types of accounts in bank.
Me: answered describing their type of them.
M1: To a banker which one is of profit and importance.
Me: Savings account
M1: Why should people deposit money in banks.
Me: explained interest rate, security.
M1: But what if banks go into liquidation. 
Me: RBI has certain banking regulation policies like CRR and SLR so people are assured of their money.
M1: Do banks give any types of insurance?
Me: yes. Then said that in recent PMJDY 1 lakh insurance cover is being provided to account holders.
M2: What is client satisfaction.
Me: It is a free marketing strategy where banks get a mouth piece to advertise for their branch and bank. 
M1: What is overdraft facility?
Me: It is the facility that allows the people to draw money more than in that in the account.
M3: Where do you hold your bank account. 
Me: told the name of the bank I had first in the preference list. 
M2: Do your company avail credit facility.
Me: (didnot understand the question) Sir please can you explain the question.
M4: (only for once) Do your company take loan?
Me: As far I know they dont take loan.
M3: (to the lady) Any question you want to ask
L: No (pointing towards me)You may go.
Me: Thank you mam, thank you sirs.
Stepped out.  Time was 4: 55 p.m. So short maybe because I answered too quickly after their questions.
They never asked about my qualification (engineering) nor about my work experience. No standard questions like introduce your self, and why banking.I prepared for them but was disappointed. 

Anyways Hoping for the best.
Guys ignore spelling and grammatical mistakes. Please comment what do you think of my interview.
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