IBPS PO 2014 Interview Experience 35

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of IBPS PO Interview Hope you like it.

Guys i am telling  my interview experience

venue = Staff college Bank of Maharashtra , pune
Panel II, Date 24/1/2015, Time 1 PM
I reached venue at 1:15 PM (Thanks to OLA CAB, worst service in pune ) & waited till 3 PM for document verification, it started at 3:30
got over at 3:45 after completion of my verification  my interview started at 4:45 PM
I entered in the room…
I saw there were 6 people (5 male  1 female)
Q1 . Are u working
Ans. Yes, then spoke about my job profile and nature of work.(Working in a insurance co.)
Q2. Tell me diff between insurance Co and Bank
Ans. Answered
Q3. Tell me the diff between PSb and Privte bank in favour to PSb.
Ans. PRivate are for only profit but PSB also does social service while doing banking..because they are not completely for profit.
Q3. Tell me diff between Share and Debenture
Q4. Tell me about IBIT
Ans. I do not know sir.
Q5. What is LIBOR
Ans. Answered partially like London Inter bank offer something like that
 Q6. What is Cupon and yield
Q7. Where does profit go in balance sheet,  Asset or Liability
Ans. In liablity.. then asked why.. becaue i liablity of co to its shareholder.
Q8. There were some crisis in 2008-09 in USA
ans sub primecrisis
Q9. Tell me co. who got bankrupt in this crisis
Ans. Lehmen brothes, AIG bla bla
Q10. IF NPA is so high in banks why cant bank stop giving loan to public.
Answered..that it is main bussines of bank to give loan and earn income form this they can not stop it, but they can do more filteration
and screening while giving loan to people and bussines
Q11. Tell me bank also sell insurance product so whether  it is a good thing for bank or bad because bank depsoit ae moving towards insurance endowment products.
Answered..that everthing has pros & cons, in somway it is good for banks to sell insurance prroducts first they are getting some earing y selling insurancce second when a person comes for insurance
bank can offer other products which are related to baning like FD, RD so this way we can attracct more customer to banks..
Q12. Why ECGC first preference.
Answered because i have 2 years exp in insurance co &  i also got 2 diploma in insurance ..and ecgc is an insurance co. that is why i wnt to go to eccc
there were 2-3 more questions were there but i can not reccall those questions.
They said okk Anil u caan leave..
I said thaks sirs and mam..
Have a good day sirs..
That’s it guys..
please do let me know about my interview exp..

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