IBPS PO 2014 Interview Experience 34

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of IBPS PO Interview Hope you like it.
venue =vijayawada andhra bank zonal office
panel-3 dt=24/01/15 time=8;30
i have reached venue at 8.00 clock thinking that i could be few who reached first but there r nrly 40 guys in the checking hall
after completion of my verification  my intrvw is hpnd at 11;40
i entered the room
then without sitting i am waitig for them to tell me sitdown
they told take ur seat
ok where r u frm?
me nuzvidu
what is name of ur college
i replied
what is ur father doing?
i repied
why do u left ur job?
sir i wanted to join in banking thats why i left the job
ok what is ur salary?
i said 10k
what is salary at starting ?
i said 5k and ending 10k
oh u r having 100% hike in salry jokingly
m1 asked did u heard name punjab in the state?
acrdng to my knwledge except in punjabi dhabas we would never heard abt punjabi in ap
then he rptd again did u knw punjab state?
yes sir it is near to haryana
why did it get the name of pujab and holy place?
name of punjab-no idea sirji
holyplace- amrithsar
m2 what is percapita income?
i said total national income/total population
then comes panel head
what is inflation?
i replied increase of prices is called inflation
then he asked is inflation growth is good for economy?
i replied upto some extent increase in inflation is good for economy but more than it is danger for economy
why r u telling increase of inflation is good for indian economy?
i answered sir with rice in prices only the national income will increase sir
then he said  other cross question
if there is increase in prices how will bpl guys survive?
then increase in prices should upto some standard so that it does not effect them
another cross question what is that standard?
i said standard ncy flowupto the value that a common man could bear
then he asked why inflation will result in increase in prices?
then i try to explain the standard principle demand increase
then he interupted me and said dont tell me theory tel me practical solution
then one of the panel member said with example if u have demand of 100 eggs  u have only 50 eggs the what hpnd
then panel head interfered an said if we have shortage of goods we will import it then why prices are increasing
now i am in defence situation
i replied if we imports then there will be decrease in rupee value
then he asked why modi and ncbn are going to foreign begging to invest in india instead of if rbi prints currency is there there will be no problem
i said if it prints as it likes the value of rupee will be decreased
he asked how does rbi print currency?
rbi prints the currency depending on forex reserves
then he told leave abt foreign factors who controls the currency flow?
i said rbi controls
then he asked how?
i said by using crr repo rate
then he again interupted and said dont tell me theoritical tell me practical answer
i said repo rate
then another panel member askd why banks nationalised
i said in those days the credit facilities are available for only limited people that why indira nationalised
then she asked after nationalisation is credit available for everyone?
then i said i cant tell for everyone credit is available but for majority of ppl r getting credit from banks today
then another panel number asked
which state is called egg bowl of asia?
i said no idea
answer for it is andhrapradesh
then he said ur intrvw is completed
tell me frnds ur views on my intrvw

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