IBPS PO 2014 Interview Experience 33

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Interview Experience of IBPS PO Interview Hope you like it.
Though I am publishing it little Late, I might Be helpful. As My interview went smooth n fine and a bit off beat from usual.

interview datew. 23rd jan,
panel 2, evening slot.
Location : Guwahati, Assam. UBI staff training Centre.
document verification started from 1 pm. 
Mine was verified at around 2:20 pm
I was the 3rd last candidate to be interviewd,
My turn came at around  5:40 pm
total Five panelist including a mam who was there for psycology test by observing body language of our’s. so here we start.
I entered the room seeking permission and wished all of them a good evening.
One of them asked me to Sit, I said thank you.
M1: So tell me something About yourself that we don’t know?
me: Talked mostly on my likes, hobby,what others tell about me etc. They liked.
M1: So after engg why banking?
me: well prepared answer u know that.
M2: How can u be n asset to a bank?
me: replied, it was easy.
M2: diff between assets and liabilities.
me: replied.
M3: so tell me what you know about Financial inclusion? what are the steps govt has taken.
me: well, I had prepared for it. replied good. They liked.
M1: If u are given an option to work in urban branch as well as a rural branch. where will you go?
me: (was a bit confused what to say but catched that they want to see if I am ok with rural areas, so took 70% weightage on rural sides) I said, ” It doesn’t much matter  where  I will b working. it matters that i am working for the betterment of my country people, In either way I will be happy but Yes it is the need of the hour to work more on poverty alleviation and rural economy developement as real India lies in villages, So i would love to go for rural branch as I have already lived a good part of life in city, may be its time to taste new environment.” They Nodded. I think I impressed 
M4,M5 did not ask any que..they were just observing me.
M2: When was RBI established? acc to which act?
me: told
M2: wen was banks nationalised? n y ?
me: told, It was easy.
M2: why private banks came into existence?
me: to impinge an element of competion, b4 that PSBs were very slow. (I don’t know if it is the real reason but got somewhere before, I could remember)
M3: what was the last 2 banks got into PSB list. 
me: BMB and IDBI(was a bit confused )
M3: Ceo of BMB?
me: remembered only the last part. so said madam anatha subramaniyam. They cleared my answer. that was my first partial ans.
M3: how many scales are there to reach CEO position from PO post.
Me: Couldn’t ans. Partially I told that I know only 3 levels are there. junior,middle,top management but inside them I don’t know about scales.
M3: Ok thankyou. You can leave wid a token of Love (the much waited Mango bite choolate)
Thanked all of them and wished a good time ahead.
I hope I get through, crossed fingers on written scores. God knows if I am In or I need one more year. Plz pray for me friends.
“OMG It was good” – was the expression I had after coming out from the room but sadly I had no one there to discuss as everybody left after their interviews as i already told you I was the 3rd last candidate. Rest 2 I didn’t disturb 
Thanx for reading, Have a good Time 
u rock 

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