IBPS PO 2014 Interview Experience 30

We are sharing with you Interview Experience of IBPS PO Interview Hope you like it.

27 Jan 2015 Bank Of India Noida Sector-62 IBPS PO Interview Panel 8

Entered the room..greeted everyone…5 members….but only 2 important…middle wala (M1 ) and one lady in corner ( L)….I am A..
M–your name…meaning
M–so start….story chaalu karo…
I was puzzled…said sir ask a question please.
M—tell me abt urself…
A—-born here, schooling there, did BE in electronics, 2013.passout.
M—why the jump…ur college is very good…must have got good opportunities for placements..
A—-sir, u r right….but those were private-sector jobs with IT and coding skills specialization…not interested there…since i m electronics engineer , i tried to find something related to my core subjects….but no jobs there….
M—but, my colleague (M2) here is B.Com here..he is worried that commerce students are better than science students when it comes to banking sector…
A—yes sir, due to more exposure to subjects yes. but i m equally prepared for economy and banking questions like any other commerce student. 
M—dont you think it is unfair that more students from engineering background are switching from their field to other field like banking and affecting commerce students and also wasting govt money on making u a engineer.
A—-sir, students will always switch where there will see better opportunities and growth. govt money will not get wasted as we did acquire technical knowledge and expertise which might be useful in future. 
M—-but still it affects commerce students.?
A–to be honest and rude, if an engineer can study economy and banking concepts after completing his graduation and beat a commerce student who did 2 years in school and 3-4 years in graduation, then maybe commerce students must take some inspiration to beat us rather than blaming us. yes if banking sector feels that their productivity has declined after recruiting people from technical background, then all engineers must be barred.
M finally looks satisfied. M2 noting something in pad…
M—how much did u attempted in ur online paper?
A—approximately 138…
M–it should have been “exactly” 138.
A—yes sir..thank you for correcting me, sir.
M—accuracy kaisi hai?
A—Sir, GK mein upar-neeche hoga…baaki accuracy is good.
M—120 aa jayenge?
A–no sir, 120 jyaada ho gya…110+ would be my guess…
L—ye to bahut jyaada hai sir….
M—how do u rank ur performance…good, best, weak , poor, average…
A–sir, poor?
M surprised…–why?
A–sir competition is very tough…nothing can be taken for granted…plus IBPS has not revealed any marks. so speculation is of no use.
M—but last year cutoff was ____?
M—it was 61…now it is 82. and what was the final cutoff?
A–i dont know sir…
M–fir to tumhe kya samjhana…
L—aur exam diya?
A—yes mam…sbi po, sbi clerk…
M—last year IBPS nhi diya…why?
A—sir, i didnt fulfill educational criterion.
L—which was more tough—sbi po or ibps po?
A–( mood to SBI PO ka tha, faad thi uss exam ne)—-mam, it is definitely IBPS PO.
A—mam, because 1. GK level high, not fact-based 2. Balanced paper, MATHS in SBI was ridiculously hard 3. More numbers of students in IBPS leads to more competition and more toughness
M—if i have a co-axial cable and i send voice signal and other signal, then?
A—( I was puzzled…i though question kya hai…)–sir?
M—we people speak on telephone. suppose telephone cable ki jagah co-axial cable lagwa di..fir?
A—i dont know, sir..
M—tell me abt fibre optics.
M—economy mein aata hai kuch? revised anything for interview?
A–not particularly for interview….but yes i m aware of concepts.
M—sunao kuch fir?
A—-( i thought fir se poocho ki question kya hai but)—-sir recently RBI reduced repo rate..reduced by 25 basis points..blah blah…its effects (.explained the circle of life to him…)
M—will they reduce it further?
A—sir, they will see the effects of change in market and other relevant sectors and then will make a decision.
M—give me a time frame, how much time will they observe or will decide to change?
A—sir, RBI revises its monetoray policy every 3 months now. 
M2 again scribbles something…(maybe he was making a doodle)
M–tell me about make in india?
A—initiative to boost manufacturing sector…30 sectors..(same raam kahani)
M—why need for it?
A—india ke gdp mein manufacturing ka kum yogdaan rha hai….need to increase…people jump from agrarian based to service based economy…need to address this…it will help in strong infrastructure and reduce rural-urban migration.
M—who is RBI governor?
A–name is rajan , raghuram rajan….
M2 laughs…
M—yes….he said something critical about make in india when it was launched…
A—-i dont know…but he has always been critical of many issues…
M—why do u say that? tell me when he has been critical like in other initiatives…
A—sir, he was critical about jandhan yojana…explained….then i had to explain him jandhan yojana too…
M—do u think 1 lakh insurance is good enough for person…
A—sir milega hi nhi to chinta kya karna…
M smiles….–why?
A—-sir woh insurance ka paise lene ke 2 cheej jaruri hai–
1. use of rupay payment system every 45 days…gareeb aadmi ke baas itna bachta hi nhi ki woh save kare…and kar bhi ley to use rupay payment se daalne ke liye BCT ko rishwat deni padegi…
M—and whats second?
A–2. sir marna jaruri hai….ab koi mar gya to paise ko baandh ke thode hi le jayega…
Everybody laughs….
M—who is IMF chief?
A—i dont remember.
M—who is chief election commisioner?
A—-i dont remember.
M—what is currency of china?
A—i dont remember.
M —ok u can leave now….thnks
A—thnks sir….

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