IBPS PO 2014 Interview Experience 29

We are sharing with you Interview Experience of IBPS PO Interview Hope you like it.

Interview experiece..

27th jan 2015
kolkata, ubi staff training college. time-1pm
we were allowed to entr the buildng at around 1.15pm..
i was frst fr verifictn frm my panel whch had aroud 15-20 guys.. verifctn took 10mints, very cooperating people in verfctn..
accordng to the attendence roll i was called 1st to go fr intervwe too..
entered at 2.15pm.. 5member panel (4 men+1 lady)
M1- chairman the rest follows..
entered the room greeted all..
M1-take ur chair.. said my name n asked its meaning..
M1- where do u leave.. family members..
Me- told.. added my nativity..
M1- wht ur fthr doing.. Me- told..
M1-wht ur doing now.. Me- MSc Economics..
M1- if get the job will u leave the educatn.. clarify ur stand..
Me- clarified statisfactorily..
M1 passed it to M2
M2- wht are ur strength?
M2-give example.. M-given..
M2- suppse ur the maneger of a new brnch in a rural area how will u understand the bussiness requirmnts??
Me- i will try to understnd the basic nature of the plce.. the prime occupatn etc..
M2- how will u understnd thse?
Me- will tke a tour of the area..!!
M2 highly satisfied passed it to the lady (L)
L- tell me the conditn of indian economy during 1991..
Me- told.. there were many counter questn.. answered thm according to my knowledge of indian economy studied in my grads..!!
L passed it to the M3..
M3- wht in mobile bnking.??
Me- told..!! got confussed with sms bnkng..!! he corrected me..
M3- wht is imfc??
Me- sorry sir dont knw..!! (1st time heard of the trm :P)
passed to M4
M4- wht ws the imprtnce of ysterday?
Me- 66th republic day..
M4- wht is the imprtnce od republic??
Me- said fredom, soverniety etc..
M4- wht ws the spcl tv prgm ystrdy??
Me- parede..
M4- who were sitting withn the bullet proof enclousre..
Me- said 6 names frgt 1.. he didnt mind abt tht..!! 
retrn of M1
M1- wht is subprime crisis??
Me- told..
M1- why called subprime?
Me- sorry..!!
M1- wht corrctve action ws tken..?
Me- said..!!
M1- do u knw abt Mahalanobis plan..??
Me- yes sir.. explaind..!! some crss questn..! answred..!!
M1- yes thus govt has a role to play..!!
Me yes sir ofcrse..!!
M1- thnk u..!!
bfre i lft he said govt is needed in the economy..!! thts why u cme to us not icici..!!
Me- ofcrse sir.. 85% of the people stll undrstnds sbi or psb’s as the Bank..!! cme out of the room..!!
overall im satiesfied..!! can say 3 panelist incldng the Lady ws satisfied, cnnot mke out the sense of M1 and M3…
interviwe lasted fr 15mnts..!! 
expctng the bst..!! 
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