IBPS PO 2014 Interview Experience 25

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Interview Experience of IBPS PO Interview Hope you like it.
My interview experience
Date: 23-Jan
Venue: Syndicate Bank training centre, Bangalore
Panel: 1
1 PM shift Reached there on time. After certificate verification, got my turn at 3:40 PM. 5 members in panel. 4-male, 1-Female. Wished all of them after entering but except lady none of them paid any head and didn’t replied to it. Asked me to take seat. one of the member (i think he was the lead) was reading my details: Name, state, degree, percentage, university, job. I was saying ‘Yes Sir’. as i had changed the job, i told them i have changed it. Then questions started.

Int: Why did you change? – Told
Int: What is current org, salary, location? – Told
Int: Your current role? – Told
One more question on job can’t recall right now. Int: Why do you want to join banking? Its just opposite field from your current domain. (I am an IT guy and working in an software company in Pharma/ life sciences domain) Me: sir 2 main reasons – Job security. balanced Work and personal life.
Int: Do you think banking will provide you these 2? Me: Yes sir
Int (leader): Have you read banking while preparing for exam? Me: Yes sir, basics.
what is mortgage. – told
Reverse mortgage- sorry sir, don’t know.
He passed control to another. What is hypothication? – i heard hypothesis so told what is hypothesis. Then he said hypothication. – sorry sir don’t know.
Who is president of Sri lanka? – Told
What is Vibrant Gujrat? – Told
When it was held?- Told
he passed control to lady.
You are passed from kurukshetra. Tell me about kurukshetra. – Told
Int: are there many temples? – Me: yes
What is special on this republic day? – told
She asked one more question can’t recall that. She passed control to next guy.
He asked 1-2 GK questions first. can’t recall.
Then he asked what is FDI?- told
What is FII?- Told
What is the difference? -Told
What is the impact of FII on share market? – Sorry sir (i didn’t wanted to aply tukkalogy)
Int (leader): Share market flactuates as FII comes and goes. – Me: Thank you sir.
One more question. Can’t recall. Then he said i am done.
After that the leader again asked, if there is a FCI warehouse in Kurukshetra? where they store wheat? – I give a thought and said yes sir. Int (Leader) How they manage that means quality and all those? Just asking of curosity nothing related to this interview. Me: Sorry sir, i don’t know. My college was affiliated to Kurukshetra university but was located in Sirsa.
He said: ok.
Everybody said thank you. me to greeted took a ‘Eclairs’ from the bowl and came out.
Not sure how was it. Mine was only 7-8 minutes interview while others was having for longer time. Bit tensed.

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