IBPS PO 2014 Interview Experience 22

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Interview Experience of IBPS PO Interview Hope you like it.

bank of india,noida

25th jan, panel 4, 8:30
interview atarted at 9:15 and i was the first one to be called.
entered but door made a very abrupt noise, lost all the confidence at the first place.
but they said ki itni jaldi bula liya san=bko, to phle tum ekdm relax ho jao
then pointing to a member,he will ask you some questions
what is monetary policy?(answerd but not bookish )ahta are the assumptions of monetory policy?
(stumped i had idea but did not take the risk and said dont know exactly,the exact terminology but i can guess)

interupting the conversation another one asked did you understand the exact question?
i said no sir,
then he almost repeated the question but made me understand what he meant?
 but still i was not able to answer
next person?
who invented computer(answered)

when?(did not remember)
why you said computer science when your passing certificate said
computer engg? i justified by saying that these are almost similar and we use these two as synonyms . but after small argument i said sorry
what is the differnce between two? i again said almost similar but at the end one liner i.e brach of science and branh of engg(disappointed)
what is full form of icici(did not answer )
he was expecting the answer
why you didn’t applied for clerk ?(answered)
what is virtual memory(expected to give correct answer but dont know wheter gave it correctly or not)
what is data mining and data ware house?
(ansewred but not bookish)
next lady,name two persons 
who were given padma awards for 2015(any two )
after clearing some doubts answered
what is flipflop(did not answer)
not happy with the way it went, totally unexpected
dont know what to expect.. any hopes?

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