DEST Experience part 4

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you DEST Experience of CGL13.Hope you will like it.

My Experience
On the day of test you will be given a PC connected with a printer. At the beginning you will have to undergo video graphy

(As was done during written test). You will be given two printed paper having paragraphs printed on it.

One is for practice and another is the main document. There will be four paragraphs and you have to type it as it is in 15 minutes. At the beginning of every paragraph you are supposed to press ‘TAB’ to create the space as in the paragraph. remaining things are very basic, that is being followed by everywhere uni formally. It would be a normal paragraph wherein every comma (,) full-stop (.) semicolon (;) et cetera  are followed by single space (this you can get by pressing the longest key on the keyboard, once). every paragraph is easily identifiable, so, in order to  start a new paragraph you first have to press enter key to come to the next line and then press tab key to give required space at the beginning of the paragraph.

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