DEST Experience Part 2

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you another DEST Experience of CGL13 Hope you like it.

I had my DEST on 05 Jan 2015…Summarising all the points:
1. Overall the process is cool, no need to take any tension.
2. Have all original marksheets, one set of attested (Self/gazetted) copies, NOC if applicable, passport photos, ID proofs.

3. No need of bio data from for NIP posts
4. Post preference from and non debarrment forms are mandatory.

1. Coming to DEST, you will be given initially a small passage and 2 mins time for practice.
          During this time take a look at your keyboard, because on my keyboard the keys: Enter, Shift, Backspace didnot have the name labels (they had symbols instead, like arrows). So get to know them before actual test.Also the keyboard keys are little harder. If you are used to laptop keyboards you will have to press little hard. But do not get panic its very easy to type in ten mins. The next five mins take a look to correct if any mistakes. Mispelt words will not be shown in red color.

Note: When ever a paragraph is started we may have to give some 4 to 5 spaces (per my understanding). Here do not waste time in checking the exact spaces. Instead concentrate on the rest part.

Do not select save/press/browse on the page. Once u do that your time will be over.

Do not click on Select actual test until you are given the actual passage and the instructor asks you to start.

Hope this information might be helpful.

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