CPT Experience

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We are sharing with you CPT Experience of CGL13 Hope you like it.

ravisrv – 06 Jan ’15 
CPT experience , Venue – Bangalore;
Reporting time 4:30 PM. In our KKR region, they scheduled CPT on the day of interview itself.
Until every candidate’s interview gets over, CPT won’t start. Ours started at close to 5:45.
Typing test :

Same old story. First a trail passage for 2 minutes, then final one for 15 min. People who are going to give in Banglr be careful about the SHIFT key. The keyboards they are providing are having very small SHIFT key. I made lot of mistakes by that idiotic key only.
EXCEL module :
I expected a simple addition, average calculation. But what I got is some ‘Absolute value change calculation’.
2 columns of data was given. We need to find absolute value change and %ge value change. They specifically asked to use formulas. I simply subtracted the given two columns of cells. And %ge change also I calculated with out formula only.
Along with this.. Word wrap, cell merge, footer and header, making table etc…are asked to use.
PPT module :
One title and 5 bullet points in the subtitle section were given and asked to reproduce. In the subtitle section, all the bullet points were kept in a rectangular box with some prescribed colour. Footer also asked to do. Careful about the printing area, although I had done ‘as it is’ in the system..the printout they made later had whole of my bullets gone on the left side. Examiner told that it is our responsibility that we reproduce that given in the printing area. I can see most of the Guys failed to do in this module.
To my surprise, MS office 2013 is being used in here.

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