CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 49

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Interview Hope you like it.
NR- board 4 
as my biodata form was totally blank. centre guy asked from hobbies first 
centre guy’s questions:-

Q1. a record related to century in odi is in news nowadays-answered
 i was excited that he will ask more from hobbies  
Q2. neighbouring countries of INDIA  -answered
Q3.where afghanistan touch india-didnt know
Q4. which part has fundamental rights-answered
Q5. which part has fundamental duties-answered
Q6. article number of fundamental duties-answered
Q7. was asked to show tamilnadu on physical map-wrongly answered
Q8. was asked to show chennai-again wrong
Q9. was asked to show gujarat-BINGO 
Q10. language of andhra pradesh-answered
Q11. language of kerala-i said malayali-he corrected and said malayalam
Q12. differentiation of sin inverse x-answered
he said why so serious! even he cant answer all questions
left guy’s questions
Q1. pn junction- didnt answer properly
Q2. pascal law- wrongly explained-he corrected me
Q3. max efficiency formula- didnt know-he asked why-i said out of touch from 2.5yrs
Centre guy said u were preparing for ssc cgl why not IES. mechanical engineer ITI achcha lagega kya though my first pref was CSS. i said i tried gate bt didnt get any psu job calls and i want a govt job.
Right mam’s questions
Q1. chief ministerial candidates of BJP and AAP in delhi-answered
Q2. name of the award which is won by both kiran bedi and kejriwal-didnt know
Q3. what is ordinance and is it applied while parliament is in session or not-answered
i didnt smile much.
i used english mostly and they used hindi mostly.
how much will i get? genuine review plz

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