CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 46

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Interview Hope you like it.
SSC NR, Board-6, Sr. No. 106, Morning Session, Interview at 10.30 am (20/01/2015)
1st turn… was nervous
Education: B.E., M.Tech., Pre-Ph.D. (Biotechnology)
Current Job: AG-III (FCI), Job Experience of lectureship (5 semesters), Project fellow for 7 months
Extra curricular: 20 certificates, Group activities: 10 certificates, Extra info.: NET, GATE, Best girl in school, HTET, 2 research papers in International Journals. My biodata was completely filled with info. & had 2 annexures for 13 & 13 (a)
Panel: 2 Male (M1, M2) and 1 lady (L1)

Entered the room, didn’t know that door will make noise, as I entered… bhaddddd!!!! tongue emoticon but no reaction from them
Good morning sir, good morning sir, good morning mam… bt M2 (sardarji) was busy reading my biodata with full concentration, didn’t notice my wish
M1 (sitting in centre): Sit Sonia, pehle apni attendance pe sign kro
Me: thanku sir.
M1: aapne bhot kuchh bhara hua, B.E kia h biotech me, b kr lia h, ye kya h course examination, doctor of philosophy, ye bhi complete hai kya??
Me: no sir, ye sirf pre-phd course h jisme written exam hota hai, job milne k baad beech me break le lia.
M1: to fr abi aap job karte ho? Kaha?
Me: Yes sir, I am working as Assistant Grade-III in Food Corporation of India
M1: Fir aapki itni specialization hai, aap apne hi field me kyu nahi jar he, yha pe aake “babu” kyu ban na chahte ho bai?
Me: Sir for job security and secure future
M1: fr apne field me nahi jana chahte ho kya ab?
Me: no sir
M1: kbhi apne field me try kia h??
Me: yes sir, kia hai, but school teaching k lie is not eligible & College k lie bhot competition hai.
M1: fr itni sari private firms hn
Me: no sir, private join nahi krna. I was also placed with Accenture after my B.Tech but I didn’t join, At that time I wanted to go for my post graduation and nw as I am married, so I need to take care of my family, private me jyada family k lie time nahi milta
M1: fir yha pe 1st choice kya bhara h aapne?
Me: Sir CSS
M1: kyu??
Me: sir bcoz it is a non transferrable job
M1: chlo acha h atleast u r frank enuf to accept this thing
Me: Sir my husband is posted at ABC, so I need a very stable job so that he can get transfer at that basis.
M1: kaha pe posted hain?
Me: ( I thot abi to btaya station, I repeated, fr kehte ki nahi department konsa h) Income tax Inspector sir
M1: fr aapne income tax kyu nahi bhra?
Me: sir bcoz state preference hata dia h ab to koi b state mil sakti hai yu to…
M1: chlo Sonia fr thoda politice k bare me baat krte hn, delhi me elections hain to pichhle 2-3 din me naya kya hua h wo btao
Me: sir kiran bedi ne BJP join kr li h form AAP to BJP and nw she is CM contender from Krishna nagar
M1: kiran bedi thi AAP me…. Nahi… wo to anna hajare k sath thi
Me: ok sir, I’m sorry, yes she was not in party and didn’t contest from anywhere from AAP bt sir last time she was a supporter of arvind kejriwal [ I WAS WRONG here] but sir didn’t point out,, khte chlo thik h…
M1: fr ye btao ki log keh rhe hain ki kiran bedi kbhi yha kbi whan, kbi ye khti hn kbi kch, ab party join kr li h, to aapke kya view hai is bare me?
Me: sir apne betterment k lie sochna ya future k lie har koi sochta hai, & if she contributes to the society in any way den its good, its not d party that matters it’s the person’s contribution towards the society that matters.
M1: aap na elections ki bdi parties btao aur unke leading persons and un parties k plus minus points…
Me: I asked, sir delhi ki parties, he said yes, den I started with CM contenders from parties and then names of parties, to kehte ki nahi isme plus minus point to nahi aye na, aap views btao , aise hi puchha rha hun main, though we are politically neutral, den I said: me too sir.
& started naming parties, AAP- leader sh. Arvind kejriwal, -ve point that last time dey left the rule in between & people r very upset with this act of them; BJP-leader smt kiran bedi, latest she has joined, + point that log unse kafi impressed hain, center me bhi BJP hai, our PM sh. Narender modi ji kafi influencing personality hain all over india, (sir interrupted: fr modi ji thodi delhi chlaenge), I continued that sir unka impression bhot acha hai aur ab log ek stable govt chahte hn delhi mein, fr sir kuch kehna start kr rhe the, to I said sir 3rd big party INC
M1:achhhaaaa,, hai kya congress b bdi party delhi me, hanji sir, fr aapne jyada bola nahi iske bare mein, congress me itne yuva neta hain, rahul Gandhi ji hain, aap b yuva hain aap unse motivate nahi hote hain,,,
Me: I remained silent and smiling in +ve way and den said sir hote hain but mene jst jesa inclination hai logo ka elctions me wahi btaya hai
M1: ook, chlo fr ye btao ki konsa state bifurgate hua h, new state ka naam btao, nye CM ka naam btao
Me: sir Andhra Pradesh, new talangana bna hai, & CM Sh. Chandershekhar
M1: Chandershekhar,,, aage,,, (I kept smiling) pura naam btao,,, smiling & said sorry sir,,, he said sh. Chandrashekhar Rao
Me: Ok sir , thanku
M1: koi bhot bde VIP aa rhe hain india me, kon hain?
Me: hanji sir, US k president sh. Barack obama
M1: kyu aye hain?
Me: sir he is d guest for our republic day celebration this year
M1: arey… nahi ( is was like wat nw, koi aur aa rha h!!!) muje b card mila h yu to, mai b jar ha hu aur mai b guest hun, wo guest nahi hain, sorry sir, he is VVIP, I am sorry, yes he is the chief guest, aise bolo
Me: ok sir, sory
M1: acha mai ek sentence bolta hun, aap use complete krna, he is the 1st US president who is…….. fill in d blanks
Me: I kept smiling,,, muje lga pta ni kya political expect kr rhe hain,
M1: kuchh unki physicality ko dekh k btao
Me: sir he is d first non-white president of india
M1: yess,, he is 1st non-white, African american
M1: koi plane gayab hua tha 2 week phle , uske bare me btao, kaha se chla kis company ka tha and kaha jar ha tha
Me: (mind me Malaysia wla yad aa rha tha, thot glat bolne se acha h mana kr dun) soory sir, muje yad nahi h ye details,, sir: suna to hoga aapne, india k aaspas hi gum hua h, hanji sir suna h but yad nahi h
M1: ok. Chief justice of india?
Me: Sh. H.L. Dutta (I pronounced dutta)
M1: what,, I repested dutta only, den he corrected.. its H.L. Duttom not Dutta
Me: Sorry sir.
Fr sir ne M2 ko kaha ki sir aap pucchie & he was asking technical (mere btech aur mtech me mushrooms pe kaam tha)
M2: aapne mushrooms pe kaam kia h, kon kon se kia h?
Me: named, alag se ki btech me in in pe, mtech me in in pe, ek naam glat ho gya tha, he questioned kya, to turant mene sory bol k nahi sir sory ye hai,, thik kr dia
M2: mushroom ka structute btao
Me: explained, cap, stalk, gills, spores
M2: (interrupted) spores kaha situated hote hain
Me: hindi me hi btaya ki sir jo cap k niche fibres jese structures hote hain un me spores hote hain
M3: ajkal BT crops hain, what do you think that log kyu nahi accept kr pa rhe hain inhe
Me: sir, log changes ko accept hi nahi krna chahte hain
M3: interrupted ,, chlo chhodo phle ye btao ki BT crops hoti kya hain
Me: (bs yhi question chahie tha muje) started with complete details, bacillus thuringenesis, cry genes, plasmid me insert kr k host plant me dalna, size of expressed protein, inactive and active, insecticidal properties, itna details bta di (vese brief me hi aur jldi se, bt sb hindi me) ki sir ne beech me hi kaha ki chlo rehne do, aur kh puchhte hn (lga hoga ki aata hi h ye)
M2: bacteria aur fungi me kya difference hota hai?
Me: sir bacteria is prokaryotic and fungi is eukaryotic
M2: aur btao detail
Me: den again I started, nucleus hota h nahi hota , organelles hoti hain nahi hoti
M2: mam aap puchhiye
L1: Sonia aapne itna kch bhara hain, aapne dance kia itne fest me part lia aur aur b bhot kch likha hai, aapki hobby kya
Me: cooking, den kya bnate ho, mam vse to sara khana hi bnatn pdta h ghar pe, bt my hobby is cooking snacks, those snacks which we can avoid eating from outside,
L1: ok,, aur aap darts bhi khelti hain?
Me: yes mam,, wen I get mismanaged due to hectic schedules at home and household wrks, I am nt able to concentrate on my studies, den I play darts, it helps me increase my concentration and I go bak to my studies, mam ghr pe kaam ho jate hn kafi
L1: aapne mdu se pdhai ki h, what is full form of mdu?
Me: mam maharshi dayanand university
L1: kon the maharshi dayanand?
Me: he established aryasamaj, he was a great scholar and wrote the book “Satyarth Prakash”, unhne Vedas ki traf logo ko motivate kia
L1: unhne aryasamaj ko sthapit nahi kia, aryasamaj to unke baad aya hai, okk sorry mam, hum b aryasamaj se hi hain
Me: ok mam, unhne Vedas ki traf jhukav kia logo ko aur idol worship ki jgah meditation ( pura sentence se phle hi… interrupted)
L1: he was a social reformist, girl education, pdhai k lie aur samaj k lie bhot kch kia…. I said ok mam.
L1: ok.. aapke husband ka naam likha hai aapne, yogesh takshak hain, takshak jante ho aap kon the,, hanji mam, mahabharat me the,
Me: hanji mam, pta hai, takshak was a nagraaj and he was hired for the murder of parikshit king, son of abhimanyu
L1: chlo achi baat h aapko is bare me itna pta hai, kya galti kr di thi king ne
Me: I explained abt ki meditation se disturb kr dia tha & etc.
L1: chlo acha hai, aur 1-2 baat khud b btai, wo havan wli bat ki snakes ko jala dia tha
L1: chl thoda elections ki hi bat krte hain, ek hoti hai opinion poll and ek exit poll (khud hi sb bta dia ki election hne se phle wali opinion hoti hai aur 7 k bd exit poll bolte hain), explain d difference
Me: mam I do not d exact definition bt I knw d concept, opinion polls to views based hti hain and exit % of polling, public there aur in sb factors ko dekh k bnate hain
L1: yess, this is the exact concept,,, ajkal nyi sarkaar ayi h usne bhot sari yojnae bnai hain, aapko unme se kon si yojnayen pasand ayi hain
Me: mam sbse jyada muje beti bachao beti padhao pasand ayi h jo abi shuru ho rhi h Haryana me
L1: nahi wo shuru ho chuki hai
Me: hanji mam, Haryana me mam iske lie modi ji 22 jan ko aa rhe hain, aj se hi 3 din ka seminar b start hua iske lie
L1: kis k under ata h ye?
Me: mam child welfare and development ministry (forgot women… bt she didn’t mind, na hi correct kia)
L1: aur konsi yojna achi lgi?
Me: Mam iske alawa muje jan dhan yojana sbse jyada pasand ayi hai.. isme hmare country k sb logo ko especially labour section ko bhot fayda hua h, sbka ccount hai, wo apne pese ko judicially save kr skte hain aur life insurance b cover hua hai and wo bank ka fayda utha skte hain, savings ko le k… aur aage explain kr hi rhi thi ki M1 interrupted and said mam jane do…
Me: Thanku mam thanku sir thanku sir, wishing everyone individually and have a nice day…
Uthhte time chair ne b bhot awaj ki, baithte tym koi shor ni kia mene bt was wearing saree so,, I hope dey r nt minding that
Itna ganda door tha… aate tym aaram se b chhoda door fr b bhaaadddd!!!!

Dint notice hw much it took,,, bt rethinking about it, lgta h 20-25 min chla ho kbi,, bt completely blank abt duration…
Sorry for such a long post, bt questions were like this and opinion based that I couldn’t write in short… I had to write details as I wish to know ur views abt the interview performance…

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