CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 45

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Interview Hope you like it.

My Experience:

Ajay 21 Jan 2015

There were 3 members cm,m1 and l1

After entering I wished them all
Cm:what r u doing right now
Cm:what hv u been doing after graduation
Cm: asked about my work profile
Cm: asked states surrounding Delhi with capital
Cm:recent new states
Cm:name North east states
Cm: seas surrounding India
M1: full form of PIL
M1: why PIL…how is it done
M1: what r lok adalats
M1: how u dealt with angry consumers during job
L1: what is optical fibre
L1: what is total internal reflection
L1:difference between reflection nd refraction
L1: what is e waste and how would u deal with it
L1: what is capacitance
L1: what is ethical hacking

Thats it…I responded to about 70% of questions with 70% accuracy

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