CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 44

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Interview Hope you like it.

Panel 3
Time 10.30 am
Btech – 2012 passout(ECE)

Work exp (2.4 yrs in IT MNC)
Panel member- M1(technical),M2(chairman and technical), M3( Technical), F1( GS)
I wished them nd they initially made me feel relax.
M2: Please be sit down nd feel relax. U dont need to answer everything. Noone knows everything. So be comfortable nd wish u all d best.
M1 : So u r from electronics nd communication.
Me: yes sir. ( I was not aware that time that this interview is going to be technical epic :- P)
M1: what is modulation
M1: what is angle modulation
Me: told
M1: what is difference b/w frequency division multiple access nd frequency division multiplexing
Me: told but he was nt convinced
M1:what is the condition for no loss in transmission line
Me: sorry sir
M1: u know smith chart?
Me : yes
M1 : please tell
Me: told
M1: methods for impedance matching
Me : sorry sir
M1: how will u calculate impulse response
Me: told
M1 : discrete fourier transform
Me : sorry sir
M1 : sampling theorem
Me : told
M1 : U know voltage controlled oscillator?
Me : sorry sir I cant recall exactly
M1 passed me to F1 (gs)
F1: u have studied hindi in 12th. So tell what did u study in it.
Me: confused
F1: u must have studied some poem story essay
Me : yes
F1: tell me a poem nd its author
Me: cheenti by sumitranandan pant
F1: smiling. Cheenti have very special qualities( smiling) . Mention them .
Me: told
F1: any story
Me: sorry cant recall this time
F1: So u r from agra tell me when tajmahal was completed
Me: told( she checked me if I was sure or not)
F1; fatehpur sikri has jodha mahal. What is very special abt it?
Me: sorry mam
F1: Fatehpur sikri is famous for other thing also. Pl
ease tell
Me: yes shekh salim chishti dargah
F1: guru of chisti
Me: sorry mam
F1 : which ruler is associated with him
Me : akbar
F1: tell me some wars fought by akbar
Me : told
Now F1 passed me to M3
M3: wht is charge
Me: told( thinking why so much technical )
M3: what is electricity
Me: told
M3: how inverter stores charge?
Me: told but they were half convinced and had some cross questions
Now M3 passed me to M2( chairman nd again technical)
M2: U have worked in IT MNC. What type of work ?
Me : explained
M2: Final year project
Me : told nd explained .
M2: I will give u a resistor and capacitor. U have to design low pass and highpass filter.
Me: sorry sir but I can design with opamp
M2: Ok then I change question. Design differentiatr nd integrator
Me : told
M2: oscillator with opamp
Me: thinking
M2 interrupted and said if u had heard of positive feedback?
Me: yes sir it is used for oscillations.
M2: exactly it is what I m asking
Me : ok sir explained
Now he said u can go.
Tanmoy Das Singh Bhupi Vivaan Sharma Rajveer Sinha Rahul Sharma . Bhai yhi thi kahani. I was feeling like I had applied for ISRO.
No questions on current affairs and hobbies.
They are very cordial so I did nt feel nervous . smile emoticon

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