CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 43

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Interview Hope you like it.MY INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE

My Interview at Chennai(19.01.15)

1. What is Ganga rejuvenation plan?
Project to clean Ganga river
2. Why is it required?
Industrial wastes and sewage are dumped into the river. Ganga is the most sacred river of Indians and is the source of drinking water in many cities.
3. Why wastes are dumped into the river?
Because of improper waste management and drainage system.
4. Is it the fault of administration?
Partiallly. Most of the cities in India are not planned and are developed due to settlements. So usually without proper waste management.
5. How can we rectify it?
India is borrowing technology from Japan
6. What is the fault in Indian administration?
Redtapism, Corruption in some areas and laziness/rudeness of some officials
7. What will you do to reduce corruption?
Only one person cant change that Sir. It should be a collective effort. We should encourage others by being a model for them.
8. You applied for inspector posts. What is the role of inspector?
To plug malpractices in respective departments and take action on it(Actually I don’t know what to say).
1. What is electronics?
2. What is semiconductor?
3. What is doping?
4. What is N Type and P type?
5. Which atoms are used in doping?
6. What is depletion region?
7. What are types of transistors?
8. What are the three terminals of transistor?
9. What is amplifier?
10. Types of amplifiers?
11. Difference between 8085 & 8086 microprocessor?
12. And & OR logic gates truth table
13. Ex-Or & NOT logic gate
14. Nuclear fission & fusion
15. Coolant used in nuclear reactors
16. Atomic number, mass number
17. Atomic weight
18. What is mass defect?
Member 2
1. Who is the prominent ancient Indian mathematician?
2. How many rings are present in Olympic flag?
3. What is the significance of 5 rings?
4. Asked about an institute related to Tax department(don’t remember the name)

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