CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 42

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Interview Hope you like it.
Board-4, Date-16/01/2015 ,Venue-Delhi(CGO Complex), RT-11:30 am Interview started -2:45pm Interview Duration – 10-12 minutes Graduation:BA Eco(H) Deshbandhu College, Delhi University
3 Board Members 2 Males and 1 Female

M1:Professor of Jamia University M2:Director F1:don’t know who she was but she was constantly smiling and did not ask me a single question

M2: acha Nizamuddin se aye ho
Me: Yes sir
M2: acha Nizamuddin Auliya kaun the?
Me: sir,he was a Sufi Saint of Chisti Order and explained abt Chisti Order
M1: but Islam mein toh singing allowed hi nahi h
Me: sir it was thier way of drawing close to God through devotional singing
M2: acha batao Sufi Hindu hai ya Muslim
Me; I remained mum(itni kachhi goliyan thodi na kheli h ki itne sensitive topic par kuch bolunga)
M2: acha Sufi singing ko Kya kehte h?
Me; I was thinking(did not give me much time to think)
M1: He told its called “Sama”
M2: Deccan Lava Plateau ke baare mein suna h
Me; Yes sir it basically covers the area of Maharashtra and famous for Basalt rocks
M2: acha Basalt rocks kaise banti h??
Me: I started thinking (but again did not give me much time to think however I Knew it) Sir Lava jab cool ho jata hai uske baad banti h
M2: humne toh suna nahi aisa, he said I was partially right and told me completely abt Deccan Lava Plateau and Basalt rocks
M2: Acha Deshbandhu se Ki hai tumne economics(impressed)
Me: yes sir
M2: Who was Deshbandhu?
Me: explained thoroughly
M2: abhi tak tumhara interview bht acha ja raha hai isme thoda twist late h
Me: main darr gaya(however I keep smiling)
M2: Do u know Chemistry?
Me: No sir, I cannot recall anything abt Chem and Physics now
M2: Acha chalo tumse Maths ka question puchte hai Maths toh aati h na
Me: yes sir I will try( but interestingly he did not ask me)
M2: acha ye batao Einstein ke saath ek economist ne statistical theory di thi us economist kya naam tha?
Me: I was shocked?? ( Einstein Physicist usne Economist ke saath kaun si theory de di)
M2: ek Research chal rahi hai France mein
Me: Sir Higgs Boson
M2: dimag toh tera tez hai bht jaldi pehchan gaya
Me: smiled
M2: asked me to explain abt it
Me: explained partially
M2: explained me thoroughly abt God’s Particle
M2: why crude prices are falling?(expected question)
Me: explained thoroughly( Sir intervened and stopped me from further explaining the topic)
M2: What is “Shale”?
Me: Sir, it is a sedimentary rock and hydraulic fracturing is to be done to explore oil from it
M2: what is sedimentary rock?
Me: explained
M2: difference between sedimentary rock and metamorphosis rock?
Me: explained with example
M2: Ok Hussain you may leave now?
Me: Again shocked!!(person who went for the interview before me was interviewed for 18 minutes) Sir over, so early
M1: tum kya chahte ho hum aur bhi kuch puche?
( Now the lady who remained quiet throughout the interview and just smiling at me intervened)
F1: You are inviting troubles for yourself
Me: Mam, I don’t mind I would like to continue( maza aa raha tha yar discussion karne mein itne intellectual logo se baat karne ka kaha mauka milta h)
All of them burst into laughter hearing my reply especially that lady
M1; Who is the father of Modern Economics?
Me: Sir Mr. Adam Smith
M1: kaha se belong karte the?
Me: I started thinking( although I knew he was from Scotland bt ekdum dimag mein nahi aya)
F1: dekha maine kaha h na tumhe tumhara acha ho gaya h ab chale jao
M1: acha batao “Smith” kaha ka naam ho sakta h
Me: Sir Britain
M1: Britain ke hi the
M2: You may go now
I thanked everybody with a smiling face and left
The Board was very cordial, in fact they were the most pleasant people I have ever come across in my entire life.
Now guys please scrutinise my performance and tell me how many marks can I get??

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