CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 40

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Interview Hope you like it.

Life ka 1st Interview grin emoticon 
board 7……SSCNR … Comp. Sci
lunch ke bad sabse phle mera hi hua gasp emoticon …..andar se to fat si ri thi kyuki mere se phle 3 ja chuke the aur unki shakal kuch aisi thi gasp emoticon / frown emoticon 

…deep breath li aur entered with smile .. smile emoticon
center =c, left =L and right=r
start me thoda fumble hua fir smothly gya tongue emoticon….using mixed hindi and eng
Me= may i come in ?
C = yes yes come, ..sit ..(after checking my documents)…Y ITI 1st ?
Me= tried to convinced him…but he was expecting something else …then he helped by closing and opening a file with him …..then i got the main point he want ..TRANSPARENCY…..then explained to him ….
C= ok good grin emoticon
C=tell me about delhi elections ..kaunsi parties main hai …kya kya agenda hai …….aapko kya lagta hai kaunsi party jitegi …..
Me === blah blah ..explained taking examples of corruption, electricity price , etc grin emoticon
C= ok good to see …aap ITI ban na chahte ho …lets see tongue emoticon
then pass it to right …
R = name some input, output devices , OS, and Windows name.
me = told
R = explain cache memory
me = told
R= what is the ssc website link?
me= told
R = asked some short forms to expand
me = don’t know (kuch yad na aaya us time ) confused_rev emoticon
R= quadratic formulas. and What is D in formula
me = told
..then pass it to left
L= how vice-president is elected?
me = told
L= what are the powers of vice president?
Me= don’t know…..sala president ka dekha tha tongue emoticon
L= name fundamental rights
Me= told ….khush laga is ans ke bad to ….jab bola waise 7 the but ab 6 hai (right to property na hai according to 44th amendment)
…interview over .. tongue emoticon grin emoticon
overall thik thak rha experience …start me thoda hasi majak me bhi nikal gya time smile emoticon tongue emoticon

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