CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 4

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Hope you like it.

Done With my Interview from SSCSR . Here we have Two panels consisting of 3 members each . One member was asking Technical Questions. Panel had a Lady as well . I’m working as TA in Cbdt . Graduation Btech in  ECE completed in 2012 . mine was in the Afternoon shift …I was the last but one person to be interviewed… 

M : So u are Living in Chennai from the past 9 months . 
Me : Yes sir.
M: What are the places u have visited in chennai .
Me: Not many .. Only beach and some Temples I leave for home town Hyderabad on Holidays 
M: So do you like a chennai ? 
Me: No Sir ! Though as a city it is good but I dont like the climate , and it’s the first time I’m far from home , so may be it is due that. 
M: Okay .. So what’s the need for Taxation? 
Me: Answered 
M: What are the current  Tax Slabs ?
Me: Answered 
M: What do you think is the current Slabs okay ? 
Me:Yes Sir , Rumours were that it would be increased to 5 Lakhs ..But to the disappointment of many it wasn’t increased.
M: Do you pay Tax ? 
Me: That is why you are okay with the slabs (Laughs)
F: What is direct Tax and Indirect tax? 
Me: Answered 
F: You have mentioned that you gave a presentation on a topic . Explain 
Me : Answered 
F: What is GST AND DTC ? 
Me : Explained  …after I finished ..we were discussing abt departments and I said Father is working for railways .. He gets AC passes …brother works for bank he gets loans at cheaper rates ..we are the only guys Who are working for income tax yet no benefits are given … In a lighter way … All of them Laughed and ..the Head of the panel quoted ..J F Kennedy Ask not what your country has Done for you … given to the country not ..Ask what you have done for the country …
Me: Couldn’t agree more sir …..Even I believe that every one should try to bring in some change in work .. No matter how small the change ! 
M: Nodded his head …What work do you do in Appeals ..( I’m working in appeals) 
Me: Answered 
F: why the cost of Cigarettes was increased … Won’t the producers benefit immensely ? 
Me : Answered … The increase will go as Tax .
Till now interview went very smoothly … Now entered the Third guy .. The man for testing technical knowledge… Khadoos aadmi tha 
T:What is the material used for Breaking of optic fibre ? 
Me: Whattt ?!? Guessed….. Glass ..he said NO …I said Silica ? NO he said …I said sorry sir I don’t know 
T: What is Polarisation ? 
Me : sorry sir unable to recollect
T: What is an Echo ? 
Me : Answered .. But don’t know why he wasn’t satisfied
T: Explain Principle behind Loudspeaker ? 
Me : explained Amplification 
T: don’t you have any regret that after having studied Btech for 4 years you are coming to Non Technical side ? How can you forget the subject in a span of 9 months ? 
Me : …… Gave my explanation …but at the end I feel he also got convinced that anyway I’m into government service … Not much difference it’ll make by knowing or not knowing …it was rather short .. Went on for 15 minutes I was penultimate candidate even they were in a mood to wind off …! I’m expecting 55 marks .. …. Now I’ll have to enjoy the suspense 😉 
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