CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 39

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Interview Hope you like it.

****** My Interview Experience***** Tried to write Verbatim as much as I could recall. 
Region NR – – Board 05 – – Date: 19/01/15
Reporting time 9, interview time 1:30 pm
Graduation in Electrical, Hobbies: Meditation, Chess, Sudoku
Board Members: Chairman ( male ), M1 ( Male), M2 ( female)( One point here, everyone was very supportive)

Namaste to two person, ma’am was busy reading my bio 
Chairman: You have done graduation from a university that comes after IIT, why SSC
ME: I wanted to work in government sector, I have natural inclination as my mother and father are in govt sector.
CH: Then why ssc, why not engg.
ME: I gave ESE in 2012 but could not clear it, and clear GATE twice but percentage is not enough to sit in interview.
CH: Do GATE exam also provide opportunity for Jobs, is it not for M.Tech only.
ME explained that PSU also recruit from GATE also.
CH: You could have worked in private also.
ME: I did get selected for placement in private sector, but did not went for it.
CH: Will you study for UPSC also.
ME: (in the spur of the moment, one of my two blunders in the interview) Yes I will study.
CH: Good. What were doing you since you graduated.
ME: Told him about the various exams and failed also.   
CH: You have said your hobby is meditation. Where have you learnt from it.
ME: I came to know about the benefits of meditation from a website named Quora two years back. I then decided to learn about it from YouTube videos of Sri sri ravi shankar and Mahrashi Mahesh yogi. I practiced myself and also attended free Yoga shivir.
CH: What have you learnt from meditation.
ME: Not gained but lost few things. My anxiety, depression and anger. Increased concentration. ( I was laughing inside my mind)
CH: Do you do yoga also.
ME: Yes. named few asans.
CH: Recently there was an attack in France. Tell me details about it.
ME: Gave detail about the nature of magazine works, how many were killed, one surrendered etc.
CH: After this incident, there were two major conflicts of thoughts emerged exactly opposite two each other. What were those.
ME: It was Idea of freedom of thoughts and expression and religious sentiments getting hurt.
CH: Yes. What do you think about such conflicts.
ME: Sir, I believe Freedom of expression should be absolute in nature. Freedom with limits do not serve any meanings. What magazine was doing was completely right as per the law of the France. There was a case filed against magazine earlier also but court denied to take any actions against them as it was completely ok. But religious fanatics could not tolerate.
CH: Ok. But what IS YOUR view on it
ME: (My second mistake) In my view If religion gets disturbed by paintings, jokes, articles then SUCH RELIGION SHOULD CEASE TO EXIST. ( these were my exact words, my radical approach)
CH:But don’t you think there is a difference between joke and hurting sentiments.
Before I could speak, M1 interrupted me.
M1: Ok leave it. You said about freedom. What freedom does our constitution gave us.
ME: Told him about six fundamental rights, then came back again to tell him about Freedom of expression. But he didn’t seem interested. 
M1: Ma’am you ask him.
M2: Your hobby is chess. Have you played at some state or national level.
ME: No. Just with brother and on internet.
M2: Name the player who defeated Anand recently.
Me: MAgnus carlsen in World chess championship.
M2: Name some chess players.
Me: Indians or….?
M2: Whatever you feel to.
Me. Ok. i will tell about top 5 current players. Told them with country name. All names were weird so she didn’t asked me further.
That’s it. You may go now,.
Me: namaste ma’am and sir.
My answers were mix of Hindi and English. I didn’t felt uncomfortable there, infact they seem friendly to me. 
As far as I know SSC published 2013 notification exactly two years back on this very date. Will cherish this date.   I am not saying I will get good marks, coz questions were view based. I wonder If my mistakes did or did not affect my scores.

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