CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 37

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Interview Hope you like it.
My Interview Experience —16th —– Lucknow(Diverted candidate from NR)
Three members—–1Lady and two male members(M1 and M2)
L:You have got xx marks in 10th , 12th and graduation
Me: YEs mam.

L: Is this your first job interview(I passed out in 2011).
Me:I was preaparing for civil services.
L:Good, What is LED?
Me:Answered (Told them it is basically a diode….not made up of usual si-ge but ga-as).Earlier it was used only for signalling  but now it is also being used for illumination.
L:What are the uses of satellites?
Me: Communication …remote sensing…
L:Only this much!!
Me: Weather forecasting, Reconaissance, position estimation 
L:Can satellite of a country used by other countries.
Me;Yes mam…. all of us  use GPS which is an american satellite system consisting of 24 Low earth orbit satellites.
L: How is mineral water prepared?
Me: I dont know mam.
    Now the real torture begins:::: She passed on to M1 and I dont know what he was asking and why he was asking.
M1:You are from XXXXX city. In which state it is??
Me: (I was struck dumb…I mean you expect something subastantial asked in the interview)answered.
M1: (He asked all short of idiotic questions, I will list them together here), I answered all of them here I answered all of them except the name of jharkhand governor.
Name the chief ministers of Jharkhand till date.(I missed shibu soren but named others like babulal marandi, arjun munda , madhu koda,hemant soren, raghuvar das…::::: Name the chief minister of Bihar,,,,,, name the governor of Bihar and jharkhand…..One of the CM of jharkhand got national and international fame…..who was he(Madhu koda because of scams)….Bihar CM has also got fame why ——- At this point after answering  his useless questions my patience gave away…. i dont think I should have done that  but I said bihar cm is getting fame not for hi s works but for his words which are often unwarranted….. Sir but that is not fame , it is not being famous ,,, but infamous…Now I think i should not have added the last part……Chairman almost giggled listening it … he spoke to his member,,,,prasad ji sahi hai fame thode hi tha…)
Chairman  took over : he asked just one question: What are the differences between bihar and jharkhand??
Answered: I gave them a good 10 differences ..
PS: i am not expecting good marks because of that loss of tempre and slip of tongue… I am brooding ove rwhy i told him that famous and infamous thing

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