CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 35

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Interview Hope you like it.
Interview Done! Feeling relaxed smile emoticon
Reporting time 11:30, Interview Started @ 4:15pm
No question from hobbies, Current affairs and neither from Job Profile!
My graduation subject was Biotechnlogy.
2 Man & 1 Lady ( All three were very polite, in short poora time dia explain karne ke lea).
Lady : what is Genetic modified (GM) crops, what are its benefits and complication and its current status in india.
Me : Defined Genetic modified crops, reason dia k why not accpeted by indian govt.)
Lady: but it it was used at a very large level in USA, then why can’t we indians not accepeting it?
Me : again give some examples to why its actual status in USA and complications in india to use GM as source of food.
Man1: asked about kya mouse pe bhi genetic experiment kea gaye hai, or bhi saath me kuch kuch bola
Me: saach me saamjh nahi aaya k wo poochna kya cahte the, then LAdy interview cleared the question, par main tabhi bhi properly explain nahi kar paya
Man1: kya india khood genetic modification karta hai ya foreign se mangwata hai:
Me: told about BT cotton and it is cultivated in maharshtra by indian farmers.
Lady: what is Bt Brinjal and tell about other GM crops
Me: mentioned name of some GM crops, with their positive effect on human health.
Lady: kya hame en GM crops se as a food koi fayeda hota hai?
Me: explained
Lady: or kya kya khaaseyaat hoti hai GM crps ki?
Me: sitting blank, but mam ne hint dia kuch points ka then i explaind thoda bhut.
Man2: If you know about mitochondria, then explain in one line k kya hota hai mitochondria?
Me: bata dia book ki one line defenation, phir us pe 3-4 cross qstn kea, kooch kuch batya but not satisfactorily.
Man2: mitosis meiosis me kya basic difference hota hai, simple words me batao?
ME: tried to explain, then he interrupted me k ye to dono me hota hai, phir maine thoda or batya, then he smiled and kaha k dont be confused…… simple bolo na ek me final product same rehta hai ek me final product half ho jata hai, i said yes sir
Man1: GM ka china me kya status hai and kya wo khood banate hai:
ME: I said nahi padha sir es baare me.
Man 2: what is Nano technology
Me: I explained
Man2: u did your masters from LPU, the who is the owner of LPU
Me: to naam yaad nahi aaya, then M1, M2 & lady aapas me discus karne lage about LPU….To i explained ki uska naam Q lovely professional university pada.
Interview over they all wished me good luck I thanked all of them and came out of the room.
Saach me bahar aake jaan me jaan aayi……interview thik thak rha mere acrdng….or saach me yaar aisa lag rha intrvw dete tym ki kisi aapne senior se baut time baad mila hu or wo just pooch rha tha k ye kya hta hai wo kya hta hai smile emoticon
Very good experinece smile emoticon

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