CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 34

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Interview Hope you like it.

Done with interview feeling mixed 17-01-15
interview experience( ECE) three members M1,M2, L( lady)
I was the first one of board 6 lucknow
Entered 10:45 free in 15 minutes
M1: Ohh u hve done engineering from jss noida its a top private colg in u.p I think
Me: one of the top sir
M1: so u must be bright student?
Me: ( silent mode small smile)
M1:Ur frst pref is?

M1: tell me y nd when MEA established nd their functions?
Me: told
M1:ashish do you knw about french revolution?
Me: (bc starting mei hi bouncer) dont hve much idea sir
M1: what is literally meaning of renaissance?
Me: (bc ek aur bouncer I thot ki ek over mei do bouncers toh allowed hai) told little about da vinci nd paintings
M1: he asked what is the significance of the last supper nd what were jesus last words?
Me: smjh gya tha mei meri maarenge pakka
M1: do have any idea about europe history?
Me:(meri mann hi mann lag gyi y I m the first) sorry sir
M1: who are Foreign secretary and foreign ministers?
Me: told
M1: Which post is preferred by student in UPSC nd hishest cadre blah blah
Me: told nd they r just convinced
M2: tell me solid state devices
Me: told a bit
M2: difference between VLSI nd LSI
Me: told a bit
Lady: what is the controversy going on Msg
Me: told
Lady: y leela sampson resigned?
Me:told but half wrong nd half right)
Lady when was uno formed nd y?
Me: told
Lady: two groups of world war II nd y u.s attack on japan nd what is pearl harbour?
ME:told nd it is d first nd last
ans they impressed
Lady: aap thoda tej bolte hai in terms of speed nd sentence pura boliye with a smile other wise no problem.
No questions on biadata, native place
one from hobbies
Two from education back ground

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