CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 32

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Interview Hope you like it.

Central Region Lucknow
Board no-5
Board : 4 Mamber , Chairman CHr, One ladies F, Two other member M1 and M2
My turn came around 12.2am 14/01/2015 duration 13-15

Worst case initially I forgot to wish the board member but soon after 10 second I wished every one.
Chr: Oh you are math!
Me: yes sir
Chr: divide 15 by .01 without pen copy and answer soon
Me: Answered
Chr: Define multiplication without pen copy in simple word?
Me: answered, best part he was impressed with my ans..
Chr: define limit ?
Me: me answered, satisfied
Chr: what is periodic table?
Me: answered ,
Chr: Do you know Na?
Me: answered.
Chr: Why it is put in carocine oil?
Me: answered.
Chr: write electronic configuration of Na
Me: i wrote simple one 2,8,1 then he asked to write orbital wise then i again write he satisfied.
Chr: define solubility ?
Me: he gave some hint then I define but not bookish def ..he told ok
Chr: do u know A.P.J. Abdul Kalam?
ME: me wrong answered every one started laughing..
Chr: tell any one thing which is famous about A.P.J.kalam?
Me: I told Missile Man…satisfied
Chr: Tell me something about Bedanta and their count?
Me: i told 18 , then he asked about then i replied sorry sir..
Chr: why ajmer sharif is famous?
Me: I told the name ..i mean kiski dargah hai..then he again asked about him i told sorry sir..
Chr: tell some thing about Kashmir.
Me: answer but expecting more..
Chr: one river of Kashmir?
Me: Sindhu he told partially correct
Chr: do you know Buddha? Tell something about Ekeswarwad?
Me: yes rest sorry sir.
Chr: tell something about shufi saint?
Me sorry sir:
Then he told u have done well I am satisfied with you.
Mam now you can proceed. …..tabhi o bola mai washroom ja raha hu..
Uske jate hi sab apas me bat krne lage ap puchiye ap puchhiye..
Fir bole jb head sir ne bol diya to ki achha hai fir achha hai..tumhara interview ho gaya but abhi chhod nhi sakte jbtk head sir nhi aa jate lo ye biskut khao mai bhi hasne laga..
Fir stress krke mam tab tk ap hi kuchh time pas kijiye..
F: you are from computer background ? tell benefits and drawback of computer ..
Me: i was answering mean while M1 , M2 se bola sir ap puchhiye ab M2 nhi ap ..M1 nhi mujhe kuchh nhi puchhana..
M2: me to 2 sub hote hai maine sirf Math mention kiya tha. Me: sir chem. Bhi tha. Then ok
M2: syad o Periodic table wale ques se satisfied nhi tha so same ques repeat kiya maine fir bataya 18 column 7 row,,modern periodic table; fir Law puchha maine Mosle Law bol diya..
M2: trichy se mca kiye ho
Me: Yes sir NIT Trichy
M2: Trichy ku famous hai ?
Me: Temple then he asked aur kuchh Sir BHEL hai pas me sayd use nhi pata tha bola ohh ye bhi hai maine bola hamm sir colg se 2 km ki distance pe..
Tab tk chairman ki entry hoti hai. Ok Thanku :

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