CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 30

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Interview Hope you like it.
finally done with interview.. venue : Kolkata nizam palace.
time: 10:30.
panel: 2 gentleman, 1lady
chairman: C , other male: M , female : F.
C : very nice name..
me: thank u sir.
C : btech in CSE?
me: yes 
C: what is a program?
Me: answerd but after circumlocuting..
C: ok.. but in brief progrm is a set of instructn.. isn’t it?
me: yes sir.
C: what is logic? how logic is implemented in computer?
Me: through binary digits 0&1. and lots of logic circuits.
c: what is bit and byte? what is the maximum decimal numbr we can write using 1byte?
me: a byte is 8 bits. bit is 0&1. and for 8 bits i.e 1byte– 2^0+ 2^1+ 2^2+ 2^3+ 2^4+2^5+2^6+2^7 = 255
c: what is cloud computing?
me: sorry sir. but tried to corelate it with distributed syatem.
C: what is rectifier circuit?
me: sorry sir.
F: how many logic gates r there? and write truth table of Nor gate.
me: (walk in the park) or, and, nor, nand , xor etc. and also the nor’s truth table.
what is assembler? and what is compiler? difference?
me: then not remember. so start beating about the bush.. tongue emoticon
mam dont look satisfied.
M: lots of questions on my extraacurricular activity that is on my acting career. and asked so many times reason for going far from acting to FCI in bihar??
me: answerd with lots of confidence..
M: who is Asapurna Devi? give u 2 minutes to discuss..( as my tv-serial name was SUBARNALATA.. written by asapurna devi.)
me: answerd all her novels on women rights. and her winning of Janpith Award for the novel Prothom Protisruti.. and some of her novels names more.
M: name some famous independence-time dramatist? who is called Drama-guru of India?
me: sorry sir.
M: its Girish Ghosh.
me: oho!! yes sir .. just missed it.
M: ok.. u may go now. and best of luck for ur future.
me: thank u sir.
very cordial and very gentle persons they are. they will give u lots of hints if any thing not come into memory at that time. they are checking ur behaviour and confidence. always have eye-contact.
and very very important.. if u have any extra curricular activity then dont miss to specify.. as it will be a privilege to u to get 10 valuable marks for extracurricular section.
thanks…hope u enjoy it..
any one to guess my intervw marks?? smile emoticon

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