CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 28

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Interview Hope you like it.
Date: 08-01-2015. Time: 11:00AM

SSC-SR Location: Chennai
Board-I 2Ladies, 1Man
Done with my Document verification by 1:30PM and interview is at 3:00PM.
Bio-Data Key Points :
1. Location – Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
2. Chess Championship – District Level 2nd prize
3. Past Experience – 2.5 Years IT
4. 10+2 Percentage : 96.1

Greeted them individually.
L1: You are already working as a Software Engineer Why you want to join Govt. job ?
Me: Yes Mam, What I am doing right now is making a millionnaire to Billionnaiare, My efforts for the past 2.5 Years are helping someone who is already rich but not the people of my country. So I want to help my people to better their standards.
L1: You can do this by working in the same job through SCR ?
Me: It may be like my personal help or group’s help but I want to have my work reflect the same. My efforts should help the people, So i feel this is the right path.
L1: If you are selected as ITI, How will you be able to help people ?
Me: I will have to collect the tax from Individuals and Firms enabling the Govt to have more revenue which inturn will help people through welfare programs from Govt. Since Govt is a structured way of working it will reach the people.
L1: What If you are selected as the CEX ?
Me: Again I have to collect tax from firms, but here it is indirect(Previous Direct Tax), Since both are from Revenue Dept I feel the same work here and the same tax will help Govt.
L1: You will get half of the salary you are getting now, Is it OK ?
Me: Yes I can manage with what I get in Govt salary.
L1: What are important points you teach to children if you have to speak about Chess ?
Me: Decision Making, Analysing Power, Logical Reasoning, Directions of problem solving on a large Scale.
L1: You missed 1 key point, can you try it ?
Me: Sorry Mam, unable to tell.( Power of concentration it is. said L2)
L1: You are from Guntur, It is being considered as a capital for AP, what are your views ?
Me: Yes Mam, Guntur – Vijayawada is considered as Capital for AP, But now Govt is considering Thullur also to be included in the capital, we have to wait for some time for the official announcement from the Govt regarding this.
L1: What are the industries and places to visit If I have to come to Guntur ?
Me: Asia’s Largest Chilli market and Agriculture are the Major things.(I forgot Textile Industry to mention). Amaravathi, Ethipothala falls, Nagarjuna sagar are the famous places to visit.
I guess he is a professor in Maths.
M1: What you are marks in Intermediate(10+2) ?
Me: 300/300
M1: Please draw the rhombus and give the formula for Area
Me: Drawn and 1/2.D1.D2
M1& L1: Tried to confuse me by saying rhombus has opp sides equal and parallelogram has all sides equal.
Me: Sorry Sir, It is reverse.
M1: Then Why the formula 1/2.D1.D2 ?
Me: Because it will have diagonals of different length ifit has same length it will become Square.
M1: Formula for equilateral triangle ?
Me: R3/4.A^2
M1: Gave some number 64384376, Is it divisible by 11 ?
Me: No Sir, Since the difference between the sum of Odd and Even digits of a number is not divisible by 11.
M1: What is Armstrong number ?
Me: Sum of Squares of digits in a number is equal to that number. (No it is Cubes of digits said M1). Sorry sir I got confused.
M1: Define one-to-one function ?
Me: f:A->B is said to be one-one If each element in A has different mapping in B.
M1: Not this one, It has one standard Definition
Me: Sorry Sir, Not able to recollect.
M1: Relation Between R,Z,Q and what are they ?
Me: Some confused look. (Set of real numbers). Yes Sir, Real,Intezer,Rational.
M1: Do you know about group theory ?
Me: Sorry Sir, No Idea.
L2: As a citizen, what are your duties towards your state ?
Me: Punctual, Clean Something I said.( No You got question wrong, question is about fundamental duties said L1). Sorry Mam. I am unable to unable to recollect.
L1: Directive principles, Fundamental rights and Duties ?
Me: I know fundamental rights and I heard of Directive principles and Duties but unable to recollect Mam.
L2: Define Constitution in your own words not standard definition ?
Me: Specific set of rules and regulations for the functioning of Govt and its interaction with people.
L2: What is meant by secularism?
Me: All Religions are equal and no one is superior or inferior and living together with prosperity.
L2: What is diffraction ?
Me: When a light rays are met with an obstacle in its path, light bends at the edges of an obstacle.(50-50 look from L2). Please permit me to draw the diagram so that I can explain better. Drawn and she is impressed I can feel.
L2: What is your project in B.Tech and explain ?
Me: Industrial Security System. Which alarms and gives a call to police and owner when the system plates are seperated by opening the door and some stuff about my project.
L2: Will it work If I deploy here in chennai and I go to Delhi ?
Me: Yes Mam, Since the application is deployed here it will work wherever we go, it is the duty of Service provider to give a call to your number.
We all done You can leave. Thank you Mam.

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