CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 27

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 .Hope you like it.
Interview at chandigarh
Panel- 2 females(Chairman) & 1 male
C-why did u left ur job
C-U were in Jaipur, tell abt Jaipur, old name, 3 famous places, why pink city
Me-all explained
C- Famous personality of Rohtak , Govt. in centre, about its prez

M1(Grad Subject pe le li) Qstns were vry tough
M1-explain cayle Hamilton theorm
Me-tell smthing abt dis but he demands exact definition
M1-ok tell abt Wilson theorm and fermat theorm
Me-jst know dese r from Number theory
M1-Ok, So circle theorm 4 epicentre
M1-Chinese remainder theorm
Me-Only dis was explained by me
Then he asked F1 to ask
F1-wt is urban centre ?
F1- exact provisions to notify
Me-dont 9
F1-Municipal corporation and council me difference
F1- Andhra-telangna issue
Me- I explained it in detail so dat she could ask more qstns on it and she did same,ask about khammam dist controversy and krishna river , Den ask other states bato jo bifurcate huye which I exaplanied well, den she asked basis of their creation dat too I told
Den they asked me dat interview is over. All were very cordial and smiling and Me too.
But they didn’t ask any qstns on Hobby, Previous job profile , extra curricular activities .
I think interview was vry vry general except Grad subject. So marks pta nhi kitne denge.

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