CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 26

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 shared by Mr. Kuldeep.Hope you like it.
At Chandigarh!! 
2 ladies(L1-58 YEARS OLD & L2- 59 years old) and one gent(M1) of around 40 age. All were very pleasant in nature 
Me: May I come in?
L2: yes Beta come in.
I entered the room and wished them good morning 
L2: ok sit down Mr. Dinesh

Sorry Madam I’m kuldeep singh, Mr. Dinesh is absent 
L2: ok beta
I sit on the chair saying thank u madam 
L2: Beta u completed ur degree in INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROL ENGG
tell me 5 subject name
Me: madam Control System, Intelligent Instrument, Signal and system, Network Theory, Electrical theory etc.. 
L2: wings parliament? 
Me: madam parliament consists of lok sabha,Rajya sabha,president,.
L2: parliament function? 
Me: To legislate the laws and to amend constitution 
L2: Time period of Rajya Sabha members? 
It’s 6 year and 1/3 members retired after every 2 years. 
M1: Ic chip is made up of which metal? 
Me: si & Ge
M1:Two Allotropes of carbon
Me: graphite and diamond. 
M1: diff between graphite and diamond 
Me: told
M1: carbohydrate? 
Me : told
M1: diff between fructose and glucose? 
Me: structure diff hota h
One has ketone and one has aldehyde in its structure 
m1: fructose is found in?
Me: honey and fruit contains fructose 
I have certificate in natural disaster management 
So L1 asked me about it
I told 
L1: earth quake affected area in India?
M1: newly folded mountain area ie himalaya
L1: in which river in jk flood occured?
Me: jhelum and its tributary 
L1: u wrote evening and morning walk as hobby Do u not interested in routine exercise iss age me toh jim wim jana chahiye?
Me: actually madam in next line U also mentioned daily exercise n running as my hobby and I got first position in university Marathon 
L1: why not going for technical job?
Me:I like the nature of SSC JOB,Secure future,good career growth and a reputation. 
L2: ok beta thank u
Good luck for your result.
Me: thank u madam,thank sir
And left the room.

Extra circular activities k alag se marks h..

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