CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 25

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Interview Hope you like it.
Interview. Ssc nwr. 8.30am. Board 4. My score 459.5. Qual- m.pharm. Pref. Iti, mea, aeo, cvc.
Q. Kaha se aye ho?
Q. Mata pita kya karte h?
Q. tell about constitution?

Answered that after independence, there was need of constitution for deciding how we want our country to run. For that constitution was made.
Q. Ok, tell about preamble.
A. It is called soul of constitution. It tells us how we want our india to be. Like socialist, sovereign, secular, republic. Then i started”we people of india hereby…etc”
Q. fundamental duties
Told them like obey rules. Respect nation and its laws. Follow national policy. Maintain integrity and sovereignty. Protect nature and public property.
Then came pharmacy part. One board member has enough insights of pharma to screw any one. He asked those que which a graduate will find it difficult.
I answered nearly all pretty well.
Q. Diff between pharmaceutics and pharmacology.
Formulation of tablet and capsule.
Binder in tablet.
If one drug is very poorly soluble in water , one highly. How to formulate them?
What are Cyclodextrin. Their unit
Alpha beta gamma cyclodextrin.
Nucleotides and nucleosides me diff.
Various bases in them like A T C G U.,
purine and pyrimidine bases.
Diff between RNA and DNA.

…itna to lecturer ke int me ni puchte.. Answrd all except one.
Q. What do you think about bullet train. Is it practically possible.
A. Yes sir. They all smiled and leaned back to their chairs and asked how? Like i opposed some universal fact.
A. Sir, under range of 500km it is viable in long term. For mumbai ahmedabad corridor. Very high passanger traffic. Surat in way. Flight costly. Etc etc.
Q. For delhi chennai ?
A. No sir, over 500km it will not be profitable. China tried but they are in loss. Another route can be delhi amritsar.
Q. What about planning commission? Why it is in news?
A. Govt has scraped p.c. Because the purpose for which it was made is not being fulfilled. States do not have contribution in policy making. Five year plans do not met goals. So, new commission named niti ayog is made.
Q. How it will be better
A. It will have involvement of states. They will tell how much money they require and for what. Also, it will seek contribution of eminent personalities from other fields.
Q. What is vibrant gujrat.
A. Global investor summit to attract investment. Govt. Tells investors about facilities they provide, their policies.
Q. Which famous personalities have come?
A. US state secretary john carry. From japan, australia..(didn’t recall names)
Q. And from UN, their president?
A. Yes sir, Ban Ki Moon
Q. Fro IMF, Who is .,its president
A. Sorry sir, i do not recall his name.
Q. You mentioned about industrial revolution in p.c. (i think i didn’t) what is it?
Simultaneously before my answering, what it is called world wide in other areas.
A. It strated from britain. In france french rev, russian rev.
Q. What is red revolution of russia?
A. Russia was under dictatorship. Communist started a rev to change govt.
Then rapid fire round from head of board. (wo 25 rs. Wali gk ki buk khole betha tha shuru se)
Q. Ravindra nath tagore ne kaun si buk likhi h?
A. Geetanjali
Q. Kalidas
Muje laga bta rha h kalidas likhi h, i was confused. Said sorry.
Q. Nehru
A. discovery of india
Q. Gandhi
A. My experiments with truth.
Q. Tell five nobel prize winners from india
A. Tagore, mother teresa, cv raman, hargobind khurana and kailash satyarthi.
Then all smiled and said good. Thank you. You can go.
I was leaving just then madam called, you have donated blood? (i mentioned volunteer in blood donation camp in group activity)
I said no madam, i was volunteer. We organized the camp.
And it was over.
Relaxing after 2 yrs….

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